Thursday, April 26, 2018


I guess I have one or two options here...I could hang my head in shame or I could do as I am doing and roflmao!!!  Wednesday...yes that was yesterday and I kept appointments for Wednesday yet forgot all about WOYWW and what Wednesday means!! If you would like to find out what it is all about check out Julia's blog and WOYWW!  I am going to go ahead and post a photo of my desk just because I thought it was Wednesday and I want to!  Anyone interested in swapping ATC's this year?

So this is my desk today!  I know you folks going to Ally Pally got me to thinking I really did need some stuff so yesterday I went to Michael's and bought a few things!  They had a huge 50-70% off sale then sent me a Rewards Customer coupon for additional 25% off even on the sales stuff!
If you enlarge the photo you will be able to see all the goodies.  I bought the red and blue card stock packs and the 4 pads of print card not because I need them right now but because they were so darn cheap I couldn't pass them up.  The two sided 48 sheet 12"x12" pads cost me only $4.60 with all the discounts and the 100 count card was 110# wt was only $7.50 per package.  I know poor reason to buy but I bought the colors I use a lot!!   I bought the Tim Holtz 5" snips, metallic distress colors, and ephemera for 40% off then the additional 25% off...see what I mean I couldn't pass them up!   I didn't have a water brush set so that got tossed in the basket too!  It is all stuff I will use and I am pleased to say that I left there with money still in my pocket!!
I spread out the kit of the month from The Stamps of Life to show you!  This may be the last month I buy this kit but it is really worth the money you pay!  There are other groups that have kits that cost a lot more and you get a lot less.  
 I am on a mission on my better days to get my stamps that have dies in them organized into these plastic envelope/folders.  The Close to My Heart and Stampin Up! already have folders but most of the Tim Holtz and others don't. I bought some magnetic sheets to put in these envelopes to hold the dies so they don't slide out and get on going problem around her.

Okay I am done for today...wrong day or not I wanted to show off my new stash.  I have not been feeling well the past week or so and haven't been able to do much crafting.  I hesitate to say I am sick because this constant state of "not feeling well" is due to all my autoimmune disorders so I am not really sick!  I like to think of it as good and not so good days.  If you know anyone who has any autoimmune issues you know that like me some days are better then others.  

Have a great week and I will be back on the right day next week!  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

Yep it is Wednesday again!!  It is going to be a gloriously beautiful day outside here in Oklahoma.  It is already 70° and sunny!  Yay!  About time!  I have already been to see the doctor about my face/skin cancers today and got a good report so no more radiation and no more doctors visits for a year!

My desk is not nearly as busy today as it has been but hey...I did get some cards and a layout made from some kits I own!  Wondering what the deal is about Wednesdays and WOYWW?  Check out Julia's blog and she will fill show you the whys!
This is the second card kit this week!  I laid it out last night foolishly thinking at 11 pm I would be able to stay awake long enough to get started but it didn't happen.  Something to look forward to after I get home from the therapists this after noon!

Cards I made this week!  

I love the colors on these cards.   12 cards per kit.  It was a bit irritating at times having to get my ruler out to measure where each piece of the card was suppose to go but hey...after a while I gave up and just put them together!  They are made from a Close to My Heart card kit called Something Magical!
One Layout this week was all I got around to and it is also a Close to My Heart kit.  I decided to document our anniversary with a scrapbook page.  This kit came with a couple of pocket layout pages so when I get the prints I will finish them up.  I have been mixing them together 2pg layouts and pocket pages (or whatever they are called!) cause it is fun!
Okay that is it for WOYWW this week!  I have a few more photos I want to share of the yard! 
right now the pansies, tulips, and bulbs are blooming hearty! 

Love all the tulips but I don't recall having seen an orange red double like this before!

 Hope everyone has a great week!

Love these dutch iris...the regular iris aren't blooming yet!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

More cards and WOYWW #461

OMG!  Seems like this week has just flown by faster then others and I have so much to do and so little time or inclination to do it!  I find it interesting that I have managed to remember Wednesdays and WOYWW recently!  I think the anoxic injury may be well and truly on its way out!  If you are interested in WOYWW go here and check it out.  It is fun blog hopping on Wednesdays and snooping around!

My desk is a bit busy today...I have been having fun putting together some of the kits that I have been amassing the past year!  I didn't realize the impact my surgery would have on my crafting abilities!  I am definitely doing better!
Has anyone else bought the Tim Holtz stamping platform?  I am trying to decide whether I really like it or not!  It does stamp better images and when doing multiples of the same image it is a champ getting everything in the same spot!  If I am doing just one of something though I am still using just a plain old block!

Check out the 3 layouts plus the cards I made in the previous post.  I had completed the one-2 page layout and posted it last week but finally got the kit finished...

These cards are from this months Paper Pumpkin from Stampin' Up! that I got in the mail a few days ago.  I ended up rejoining Stampin' Up! for a few months to get the stuff I need and have run out of since the last time I belonged to the group.  I love the product but not much into selling it!
This kit made a total of 9 cards!  3 of each kind in the kit.  There was some product left over I can use on another project!


These cards are from another card kit from Close to My Heart!  I didn't like one of the stamps I was suppose to use so I changed them up and did them my way!  The sentiment on the one card about a good friend comes from The Stamps of Life!  
This kit is still available from CTMH and makes 12 cards.  It is called sending hugs!

Altogether I think I completed 3 double layout pages and 29 cards this week...

Chuck and I will be celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary this Thursday!  Luckily Chuck knew when he married me that I wasn't much in the housekeeping or cooking department but he kept me around anyway!  We will be married 43 years tomorrow!  I think he is as much a sweetheart today as he was back then.  Who would have thought that all of this came from a friends match making back in 1974!  The kids were here for Thanksgiving and helped me set up my Christmas decorations and we just had to take a family photo!  I really am truly blessed with the family I have...good folks not just my family!
Okay I am going to get off here and go to bed!  It is almost 1 am and I am really feeling tired.  Thought I would get this posted before I go to bed because I have so much stuff to do today!  Have a great week!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Cards and layouts

I generally just manage one post a week recently because...well just because!  If you got here from WOYWW go herefor my weekly post...Anyway this week I have been busy and decided to do another post showing a fab kit I got from Close to My Heart.  I bought it in 2016 so I doubt if the kit is still available.

I used photos from a trip in 2016 to California to complete the layouts.
A road map and photos of the B&B
These first two pages are photos taken at the B&B that a friend gifted us a stay at when he heard we were coming to California!  John invited us to a Halloween party at his house in Oakland and we stayed here in Berkley!  Fun times!  This place, Rose Garden Inn was originally just one Victorian house in downtown Berkley that developed into a 7 houses in a group with murals, patios and lots of flowers!
I had never seen these big yellow Moon flowers!  
Our room was odd shaped actually had 8 different sections of wall that you can see in the pictures!  I was fascinated with all the flowers and murals and probably took 100 pictures of them...  We managed to take a couple days and visit with my daughter and husband in San Jose.  

Our strange shaped room at the Inn...don't you love the flowers!

Christine standing before the door, Heather and her Dad!
The Halloween party at John's house turned out to actually be two on Saturday night and one on Sunday for a group John belongs to in the SF Bay Area!  John lives in a house that is high up on a hill that overlooks Oakland and the Oakland bridge across the bay.  In the distance you can make out the Golden Gate bridge on a clear day.  

John has such a gorgeous back yard!  I love this gazebo!   
Some of the cute costumes at the party!

I really like the Workshop to Go kits because they always give you enough card stock and embellishments to make a bunch of cards once you get your layouts done.  I made a total of 8 cards but could have made more.  I bought the dies and stamps that go with this set and really like the way they have turned out!


 Okay guess I will mosey along and see what else I can do today!  Heather Graff is my go for my CTMH addiction!  Check her site out!