Thursday, December 31, 2009

A new New Year's Resolution!

I am reading blogs from various people I follow and I thought to myself..."I really enjoy reading these posts and boy they really inspire me! Why can't I think of things like that? Why don't I do things like that?"

Basically I am a lump! I am a procrastinator and I make lists and more lists and then put off doing anything on the lists! Somehow over the past few years I have become something of a nonentity in my own brain. I can't think or do anything and when I do I lack the motivation of carrying through with it. This year's resolution was to create this blog and I did fairly well with the postings etc. until June then I kind of slipped off the face of the earth. I don't know whether the storm chasing got me out of the habit as far as posting on the blog goes or what demon raised its head and prevented my postings!! I have been busy this year and have done many things and created many things but they never made it on the blog. I resolve this year to post at least once a week and share with everyone the projects I am doing, what I am up, and just share my life in general. I have a lot I can share I just need to do it. I promise...once a week.

I hope the New Year finds everyone healthy and happy!