Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas, Stamping Ground and other non related stuffs...

Okay then...been a while since I participated in WOYWW with Julia and the rest of the gang.  I have been looking at posts but not doing much else if anything to write posts or leave comments.  It has been a year of chaos and pain in my house for various and sundry reasons.  I think I may have that under a small amount of control...not holding my breath though!  My desk this week!  Too junked up to do much with!

I haven't felt like crafting much and try to get out to a group about once a month and crop...I am making a few cards along and have to break up my time between sitting and standing otherwise I get nothing completed.  I started doing Christmas cards a couple months ago and they are the perfect medium for me to be able to sit and stand and still get stuff done!  I joined a Spellbinders club and they send a card kit every month and this is some the cards I made from the October kit.

I will post more later but this is about all my back can handle right now.  Hope everyone has a great week!

My health has been a problem for over two years now...well actually since I broke my knee and infect went untreated for 6 months.  I am happy to say some of that is on the mend and I am definitely getting around better and with less pain.  I have found pain pills don't do too much for me and just cause mind problems so I have started a program marijuana and don't laugh my pain doctor is amazed and has started prescribing for others!  Luckily in Oklahoma marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes even though it continues illegal in most states.  I make up cookie or edibles and take them as needed like a pain pill!  Now the tequila has taken over my G and T consumption because I don't get the same effects from it!...I know (((giggle))) it is fun!