Thursday, August 28, 2014

WOYWW...a day late and what I have been doing this week.

So...I did not sleep through Wednesday as some will assume!  As a matter of fact I am not sleeping much at all.  I am just a day later after having been out an about more then I care to think about.  I am actually having a flare up of my fibro and ME which makes me rather foggy headed and inclined to not do much of anything because it takes too much effort.  Oh well enough week it will be better!

My desk today...
Can you say OMG! What a mess.  True story that!  I have been busy trying to get a lot done around here and haven't been taking care of the room!!!  I have started cleaning out the closet so I can get this room swap done this weekend and it is taking a lot more out of me then I thought it would.  Drop by Stamping Ground to check out why I am showing my desks! 

Another project going on this week is the tiling of the kitchen floor and bathroom.  Heather and Michael came over last Saturday and Sunday and started working on the project.   The floor is looking really awesome and we will grout it and get it all done this weekend.  Next up is texturing and painting the walls and we would have done that first but...
 Michael is having fun playing with the new tile saw!
Stormy isn't so sure she likes the new tile!
 Also went shopping with Heather on Tuesday and bought a new sofa!  First new sofa in about 15 years!  Nothing fancy for sure but so much has changed in the manufacture and purchasing of furniture now days!
 Went out for supper last night and had Chuck stop in front of sunflowers and front flower bed for a Kodak moment!!  This is Chuck's baby and he does a lot of wildflower planting and has an assortment of awesome flowers in this bed.  Those Sunflowers are between 7-8 feet tall...Chuck is a couple inches over 6ft. 
Okay one last thing...
a real find at Michael's yesterday are these little wine goblet epoxy stickers.  They are about 1 1/2" tall and perfect for some Halloween projects I have in mind!  Lots of stuff on sale but didn't find a lot I couldn't live without!  These are just too cute!!

 I hope everyone has a great week and those in the USA have a safe Labor Day weekend. More next week!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Night Arting...yes it is a verb today...its Monday!

So tell done or does something more need to be done? I am really having a hard time deciding cause it looks good as is but the next look I want to add a Victorian man down in the lower left and/or a bunch of gears in the the lower right!
The page is 9"x12" and I think that I would probably use it as a piece of wall decor in my studio.  I sprayed Dylusions Black Marble and Cherry Pie over a gear stencil then sprayed it again with water to make it run!  I purposefully muddied it some!  I let it dry then using a stencil and coarse texture modeling paste I stenciled the doily looking thing on there.  It was way too white so I touched up with some Cherry Pie! 

I keep thinking that it just isn't done and I am known for over doing....what do you think?