Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I missed last week due to being under the weather again and was unable to comment on all of the posts from the week before.  I am sorry and will try to do better this week cause I really enjoy snooping around and seeing what everyone is up to.  I has been a couple of weeks of turmoil here in the USA getting used to the new President and his cabinet...don't know if I ever will be able to under stand how he got elected.   Already lawsuits and threats of impeachment abound...scary times.

My desk this week...definitely a mess!  I started making the card you see standing up in the center of the mess and needed some particular part for the card and as I moved stuff around and started digging through stuff it started looking pretty sad on my desk!  I don't understand how that happens...later today I will try and get it cleaned up a bit!

 I have been having some fun making cards this past week... they are all going to swaps and it is always fun to find out who they go to after I make them...

a z fold card I made using some old dictionary and valentine papers.
inside card
Thank you card...
 I had never made a shaker card before so I tried my luck making a child's birthday card.  The second picture shows the 'shaker' stuff of sequins, and small bits I used in the card.

inside the card
Next card was to be a missing you card but in all my stamps I couldn't find a single stamp that said missing you!  This is the closest I came!
inside of the missing you card

An anything goes Valentines card!

 A card that has Heart or Love on it...
 A card using paint chips from the store...  I couldn't find a stamp for the sentiments on the hearts so I hand wrote them and my handwriting isn't as good as what it used to be.
 A card made using an altered dictionary paper!
 I had a lot of fun with cards this past week and plan on making more soon.

If you are wondering what this post is and what I am talking about? Check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground and read the details on how to play along with us!