Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 4th Anniversary! WOYWW #208

WOW it is hard to believe that I have been with WOYWW over 2 1/2 years and that WOYWW is celebrating its 4th Anniversary today!  What is WOYWW?   WOYWW is an awesome group of women and men, artists of various sorts that come together each week on Wednesday to share who and what they are and what they are doing.  What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  Go to Stamping Ground and Queen Julia the creator of this extravaganza will fill you in on how you too can join in the fun!

My desk this week!  Started putting up stuff that I had used for my last projects and got side tracked!  I am making a lazy susan storage for my Stickles...hmmm, well thinking about a storage for my Stickles.  The lazy susan was at the dollar store and I went to the hardware store for something else and ran across these pipe fittings that fit the Stickles perfectly!  The idea is to keep the Stickles organized upside down and accessible...

3/4" PVC pipe fittings fit perfectly!
 Have you heard of Farm House Paper Company?  It is located here in Oklahoma and I try hard to use local made and I think this time it won't be a problem.  Here is their new line that just came out called Country Kitchen.  Beautiful old time nostalgic papers.  I know I owned some of the plates on one of the pages and my grandmothers wallpaper!  I bought all of these...awesome!
Farm House Country Kitchen Paper
Here are the recipe cards I made using this line...looks good to me.   I have a couple other ideas to put the paper to good use and will be doing that soon.  I will post when I get it done!
 Well that is it for me.  I am going to go link to WOYWW and hop around and visit some of the blogs before I go to bed.  We are swapping ATC's this week and still have a few of mine to finish and get in the mail.  Been sick again this week and haven't felt like doing much of anything.  Better now so I will get them done and get them mailed out pronto!  Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WOYWW #207 and OMG! It happened again!

It has been an interesting week around the Doswell house (hacienda) with all sorts of fun things going on!
  •  Last Thursday I taught a tag class at Scrap that and had a blast creating and chewing the fat with the girls in the class.  
  • Friday saw Chuck and I meeting up with a group of Meteorology students from the University of South Alabama, Mobile,  for dinner before they headed home to Alabama after storm chasing a couple days. 
  • Saturday I went to the movies with my daughter and saw The Great Gatsby...still an awesome book IMHO!  Such a social commentary of the times! If you get a chance go see it!
  • Sunday went out for a birthday celebration with my SIL for his ? birthday.  
  • Monday we had severe thunderstorms and our house and tornadoes hit east of us!  We got pinged with some peas sized hail but didn't take any damage from it. 
  • This part is the OMG! It happened again!  Tuesday we had more severe thunderstorms and Moore, OK was hit with another monster tornado!  The first one in 1999 was bad enough but this one may be worse in some ways.
    Death toll is at 24 at this time and most are children who were in school!  DH was out storm chasing and here is a picture of what he saw.  Chuck said the noise from where he snapped this pic was horrific so think about what the folks up close heard!  More then scary!
(c) 2013 cdoswell This was taken looking west from one of the four schools that was hit by this tornado.  All the children at this school survived which wasn't so of the Plaza school.  Terrible loss!.
My daughter was also out in her back yard and took some pictures and footage!  Here is a link to her storm video. 
(c) 2013 Heather Doswell taken looking NW of her house
We are all doing okay here at the hacienda and are uber thankful that it didn't hit closer to here either day.  This is the spring in Oklahoma and where some places put up with monsoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions Mother Nature gives us the tornadoes and severe storms.  You learn to live with it and cope.  I would take this any day over any of the other options.

Okay moving forward to why I am really posting today...WOYWW!  Welcome to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  We share desks and information from all over the world...lots of blog friends/and fiends and if you feel like you would like to share go visit with Julia at Stamping Ground and she will fill you in on how to participate. 

Here it is folks without further ado...My Desk!
I am working on an art journal layout that I am not for sure where it is going or whether it is going anywhere.  
I want to learn how to use watercolor pencils better and learn the differences in each brand.  I have Stampin'Up!, Prisma, and Inktensive watercolor pencils that I am playing with.  Each one has a lot of differences.  I watch a video on YouTube that talked about the differences but until I tried them myself I wasn't convinced!

As you can see from this close up picture the green is the Prisma and Stampin' Up! pencils and the paper was totally dry before using the Inktense blue green.  The inktense is definitely an ink in pencil form compared to the others.  The Stampin' Up! isn't as pigment intensive as either one of the other pencils but did well on the backgrounds.  The sunflower is a stamp from Stampin'Up! I used and colored with the pencils. I am planning on free handing some leaves and I think I will twist a vine around and across the pages and stamp some sentiments/messages.  I am also thinking I will use my Uniball white gel pen to define the petals on the sunflowers also...what do you think?

I still have a couple ATC I am willing to swap if you are!  Email me your address and I will send mine back to you!  It is WOYWW's 4th birthday is coming up next week so lets swap and celebrate the date!

Well guess that is it for me tonight.  I apologize (once again) for not making it around to a lot of the blogs that game to visit me.  I promise I will visit you this week and make up for it! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WOYWW #206

Not a lot going on today on my desk...Not a lot of room for anything to be going on!!  Right now the desk has become the depository for all things I have received in the mail and a shopping spree my daughter and I went on last week. 

 The biggest buy was these Tim Holtz carriers that we found at Tuesday outlet store here in the states, that had been drastically reduced.  The cases were originally $35-$50 each and we paid less than that for all three.  The small case on the left is a trinket case, the middle is a tool/paint box, and the big one is a 12"x12" paper carrier.  I the middle of all this awesomeness is a package I received as unbirthday gift from a friend on Splitcoast Stamper. 

I posted on Sunday some pictures of the tags I am doing in a class and thought I would share them here.  If you would like to see the detailed post click here
The theme of the class this month is Travel.  Don't you love these Tim Holtz Stamps!w3
I started my spring clean up and gardening this week by opening the swimming pool, a necessity around here in the hot Oklahoma summers.  The yard guys got my raised beds made and I started planting a few things today.  Here is a look around my back yard! 

Corner of the house and my husbands cactus and yucca garden.  These are gorgeous when in bloom!

Iris that have flourished since we cut down the trees that shaded them a couple years ago. 

Tritoma or Red Hot Poker.
The swimming pool in the process of being 'opened'.  I didn't cover it last year and will be pulling leaves out of it for a week!

My pride and joy!  New raised beds for vegetables!  I have planted 10 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, and seed for squash, sunflowers, and green beans. 
Pretty picture intensive this week and probably went way over the short post rule of Queen Julia but sometimes it happens especially if you are long winded as I am.  IF you would like to know who Julia is and why I am posting pictures of my desk please got to Stamping Ground and click the WOYWW link in the upper right and Julia will fill you in on the deets.  Hope you come play with us!

That's it for me...I am too tired to stay up any longer so I am off to bed for a snooze and I will be back in the morning to hop around the blogs and see what's on every one's desk!  Happy Wednesday!  Have a great week!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone in blogland a Happy Mother's Day today!  Whether you be the Momma to a two legged humanoid or four legged fur baby today is a day of celebration!

My Mom was one of the best Mom's that a kid could ever have and instilled values that I realize now were universal to all the others that I interacted with.  I got my elbows knocked off the table, I was taught to say please and thank you, and to treat my elders with respect.  My Mom wouldn't settle for half way behavior and if you were told to do something you had better do it the right way the first time or you were doing it again....and again...and again.  I remember learning that lesson the hard way cause I didn't want to do dishes so I paid my sister 25¢ to do dishes and Mom waking me up and having me do them again!

Eva Mae Fear Good 1934-1989

My Mom was taken from us way too early in her life and I miss her a lot ever day.  I thank her for all she did for me and all she instilled in me with her wisdom and courage.  I am who I am today due to her. 

Now I am happy to have been blessed with two awesome children...  I love them more each day!  I love this picture...
Of course I have had numerous fur babies throughout the years KiKi (1975-1990), Boots (1987-2006), Spooky (1990-2007), Buddy (1997-2006), Teddy Bear (1986-2002) was our only dog and we inherited him from my mother, Skiddy (2007-), and Stormy (2007-).  I have a special place in my heart for each of them because they have given so much to us.  Here is a picture of Chuck that I love with the 'girls' from 2007 when we first got them. 

Tag Class

I am teaching two classes this week at Scrap That in Norman and wanted to get the word out cause I was told yesterday I am just not posting enough  again!  OMG!  I promise to do better!

On the third Wednesday of each month we are going to start having a class called What's Up Wednesday to teach everyone how to use some of those awesome goodies they are buying at the store.  Yes...that was a brayer not a crimper you bought the other know who you are! Anyway the class is at 6 pm so feel free to drop by if you would like to learn something about embossing/debossing this month.  We are going to make a card tag that I also will be teaching in the Tags class on Thursday night.

This months tags class is all about travel and I used several of the Tim Holtz stamp sets to create 3 tags of various sizes. 
The first tag is a gigantic #12 tag made with stamps from TH CMS 128 Road trip.  I love this set with the big broad tire tracks and that old car.  I can remember traveling Route 66 to get home from California when I was a kid so it has some significance to me.  I made the hang down tag from a piece of the Destinations Oklahoma tag!
up close!  see the Oklahoma tag!

The second one is a #8 tag using the TH CMS 127 On the Railroad.  This a a huge locomotive  image and it is so detailed and fun to play with!  I love the tracks, the railroad crossing fun.

 TH CMS 124 Warehouse District the mini version of the Air Travel stamps was used on the third and final tag.  I love that these stamps come in a smaller size perfect for tags.  Once again I used a #12 tag and folded it to make a card and embossed it with a texture fade.  I am going to use this tag/card for the What's Up Wednesday class to show dry embossing using folders vs wet embossing using a heat set embossing powder.

Okay hope this works as a post for today!  Come play with us this week....Sharron says it is a group therapy session with lots of crafting, talking, and laughing.   Call 310-3100 to save your seat!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Happy Wednesday and WOYWW #205!  It was a quick week again and I got next to nothing accomplished this week.  I was not in much of a crafty mood and when I tried I drew a blank.  I guess Mr. Mojo has gone...hope he comes back soon!  I still have a few spots left for swapping ATC's to celebrate the 4th anniversary of WOYWW!  If you would like to swap one please email me at

Went to a Trade Days sale on Saturday at my local scrapbook store.   Everyone is invited to bring craft supplies they don't use or want anymore and put them in the sale.   Initial cost is $10 for your table space then all the profit is yours!  I took a big box and a couple bags of stuff in and then I picked up a few good bargains that I thought I would stretch out on my desk and share with you today.   I sold about $100 and this is only part of what I got for my $30 cause I still haven't picked up the Spellbinders.
Three Sizzix XL card makers dies, a Christmas Recipe book that had never been opened, 3 packs of paper, buttons, an old Stampin' Up! stamp set and a serenity prayer stamp.  They threw in the Gaiety Girls stamp for free.  2 packages of embossed Tim Holtz Grunge board and several other things.

 I love travel papers and these are vintage looking and make me smile!

Awesome travel paper was in one paper pack...36 sheets of it with 3 chipboard/sticker sheets.  I immediately snapped it up because of the international travel book I am going to make some day.  I have lots of pictures to fill one!  I like this sheet of paper that looks like a UK map!

This is the SU stamp set that looks so old and grungy was put out in 2005.   I keep saying that I love grunge and Tim Holtz and I get told a lot that he invented it but all us old broads know better!

This was the free stamp and all the buttons that I got for 50¢!  I thought they were really wood and metal but turns out they are resin but that is okay too for what I will be using them for!

 Well that's it for what's on my word desk this week.  Go check out  Julia's blog, Stamping Ground, and she will tell you how to join in the fun!  Hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to visiting your blog and snooping around your desk this week!

I have one other picture to share with you and that is of my DH Chuck.  I have had several people ask about him recently so I thought I would share a picture I took last week when he took me out for crab at Joe's Crab Shack in Oklahoma City....Handsome man isn't he! 

Big bowl of mussels and a tall Mason jar margarita are specialties of the house.  Really yummy sea food for a landlocked state!  Come visit and I will take you there!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WOYWW #204

Another busy week and I feel like a bloody banker...(did I use the word correctly?) paying out for a new washer and dryer, transmission and heat and air work on the car, and new raised vegetable beds in the garden!!!  All in all I have successfully done away with my savings account but will start putting back in this week.  Love the new appliances and the way the car drives so I can't complain.  I will take some pictures when I can to post of the new beds...nothing compares to a fresh tomato and only one word can describe it!  Awesome! 

Welcome all my blog friends from WOYWW!  I am hoping to be able to make it around to more blogs this week and have a good snoop to see what everyone is up to!  Not feeling well really limits my ability to get around...pun intended.   I was just reading up on the ATC rules and regs for this year and I am going to make 25 +/- ATC to share so if you would like one please leave me a message or email me at with your address and your desire to swap. 

So here is a picture of my desk this week...thought I would try for a different view this week!  As you can see not much is going on.  I straightened up a bit last night and haven't been back in since.  
 If you are interested in what WOYWW stands for visit with the awesome Julia at Stamping Ground and she will fill you in on what it is all about!

 I have been hearing so much about the Gelli Plates I decided to give in and give it a try until I went online to buy one and a small one cost so much that I decided not to.  I started looking around for an alternative and ran across a YouTube video about making one out of gelatin.  I am going to give it a try and see if I like the prints before I invest in one and find out it is just another of my many times of running out to buy the most awesome and can't live without product of the year.  I have a closet full of those that I never even look at now but paid so much for this or that I can't bear to get rid of it.  If you would like to make your own too visit Linda Germain's blog for the directions and how to use it once you make it directions!

Thought I would leave you with a card I made for a stamping class I taught.  I have heard so much about the triple mat cards I thought I would give it a try and I think that it was easy peasy enough the students liked it!   Learning to stamp is hard sometimes and this was just plain fun!
Well that's it for tonight.  I am going to go find a glass of iced tea, sweet please, and hop around to a few blogs before I go to bed tonight.  It has been in the upper 80's (30's) so ice tea is in order.  It was freezing here on Saturday night and will get close to freezing on Thursday again but for right now we are frying.  Have a great week!