Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WOYWW and What's Up Doc!

It has been almost a month since I posted...I hang my head in shame!!  I promised to stay on top of this blog and keep it current but a month long trip and other issues just derailed all my good intentions.

WOYWW bloggers will appreciate the mess my one desk have devolved into...OMG!  How does this happen?  It seems like I am always picking up and putting away stuff but...obviously not fast enough!
My mail working desk is covered with all sorts of fun stuff.   Want to see other people fun desks?  Check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground for links to others.

So...My scary desk today.  Yes! I have been shopping!  Deals too good to pass up!  New Years Resolution...don't buy more till I have used what I have!
I made a trip to Target the other day and visited their $1 bins and came away with a load of fun crafting items...I love those $1 bins and have to buy whenever I see the stuff or it is gone when I need it.
Everything $1 including the 6"x6" paper pads!  Couldn't pass it up... 
Loved all the shaped glitter and sequins!  When do you ever see snowflakes and reindeer in glitter?

I also found a big sale on Washi tape...not that I needed more!
Bought 5 new tubes of washi tape for next to nothing on a crazy sale at Michael's!
That big plastic jar is about a two gallon size that held the cheesy puff snacks before I repurposed it...had to recycle it you know cause it has a purple top!  All the Washi tape in the jar I have been accumulating for several years and yes I do use a lot of wash tape!  Am I hearing you say you want to know what that wire thing is behind the plastic jar?  Well it is a tiered wire basket I found at Sam's that I thought would be perfect for my glitter glue, glitter ribbon, and glitter tapes...what do you think?  Keeps most of the sparkle in one spot!
Went to a wine and paint party a couple weeks ago and had a blast painting a Christmas canvas.  I am looking forward to more of this...  As you can see my snowman didn't end up like any of the others.  We drank wine, listened to the football game and painted.  It was a blast!

This is my snowman...not exactly what the others looked like but I like him!

What he was suppose to look like!! 

Sorry for the photo collage of sorts...I think my computer has been drinking.  You can see the three choices for a snowman I was given and the one on the left is the one I made...doesn't quite look like the examples and I did follow directions...kinda...after 3 glasses of wine I am surprised I got one to look this good!

Heather was here last week and we went to a retreat and had a blast.  I will post pictures soon of that!