Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Wednesday again!  Seems like it was just yesterday that I responded to the last of the blogs on the WOYWW  Mr. Linky thing last Wednesday...wait it was just yesterday but I made it around to all the blogs this past week!  Wonder what that is all about?  Well check out Julia's blog at Stamping Ground and she will fill you in all the deets!

Here is my desk tonight!  It is really a mess again but thats the way it goes around there.  It was all
straightened up and then I started doing my thing and it is a mess again.  See the wood grained box lower left side?  It is a Romeo and Juliet cigar box that I am in the process of minimally altering.  It is a beautiful wooden box that has a high gloss laminate on it that is gorgeous.  I put some of the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Foundations Box feet on  all four corners and it is in the process of drying tonight.  I think I am just going to put some type of floral decorations on the top of the box and leave it basically untouched.  It really is a cool box!

New punch to the left that is going back cause it isn't working as it should!  Bummer cause I loved the scroll work pumpkin!  I found a new set of Halloween stamps at a discount store for $1.99 that has a giant spider web stamp that I know will come in handy this year!
Thought I would share some tags I have made for a swap at All Things Tim, Yahoo group,  called Halloween Chaos!  Everyone signed up for a tag and was told the size they needed to create and everyone made 12 and will get back a 12" x 12" canvas.  The hostess is going to mount these on chipboard/grungeboard for us and send it back finished with a topper she made.
Here is the tag size and layout for the canvas.  Check out  Tim Holtz's finished canvas at
I was assigned the 1 5/8" x 3 1/4" size on the top.  Here are my finished tags!
looks like a tray of cookies
one upclose.  Sorry about the exposures.  The glitter plays havoc with the over all exposure.  

Well that's it for me.  Hope everyone is having a great day.  I have a ton of stuff to do today so I guess I had better get to it...  Maybe a cup of coffee and a snoop on a couple blogs to get the day going right.  Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Craft Barn Giveaway

The Craft Barn in the UK is celebrating its followers and is giving away some awesome blog candy that is open to all crafters around the world!  Check this out!

 Isn't that a lot of stash and  a lot of yummy products.... die cuts (I see Tim Holtz's phone there), inks (including Dylusions), glitter, a Crafty Secrets CD, embossing folders, goodies to alter, embellishments, a "stamp and die" set, gilding flakes and more...
Drop by the Craft Barn!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WOYWW, Stampaholics and some thoughts...

I have been following some people that are having blogversaries etc recently and couldn't figure out how they could be so knowledgeable about their blogs so I did some searching around and found out about my blog.   My stats on Okienurse Paper and Ink Therapy are as follows:

Blog started in July 2008
First post was December 2008
I have had 34,925 views of my blog in the 3+ years
I have 211 Followers
I have posted 294 blog posts but that is what actually made it to the blog...there were more!
The biggest percentage of blog views have come from across the pond.  I love you guys!!

It's fun to know stats and what I will do with them only the powers that be know but now I know!

My desk this week doesn't look much different then in previous weeks but I have been busy cleaning up and trying to get more space to work.
There is more available workspace in this picture.  I took this late last week but haven't done anything any different and it mostly looks like this.  See my WOYWW standing up on a stamp pad.  I have a new Spellbinders die laying there by the go round that is the poinsetta die.  I loved it last year and finally broke down and bought it for this year.  Craft Stamper magazine I need to read!
I made a card for a card swap on Deborah's site called Society of Stampaholics and really had a fun time doing it.  The challenge is to make 1 card and mail it to 1 person each month.  Deborah gives you a list of things you can use in the challenge and then you send her a picture and she posts a list of who you need to contact to send your card to.  Okay that said here is my card(s) for this month.  They are going to Deborah so I thought I would make a couple...doesn't hurt to over achieve it is my first time and I am earning brownie points!!  +{;-)

Stampin' Up! cardstock and paper, Fiskars' sentiment stamp, Prima cup stamp!

Stampin' Up! cardstock and paper, Fiskars' sentiment stamp, Prima cup stamp!
Okay one last thing! Interested in winning a new Cricut cartridge?  Check out Scrap This Save That and see what you have to do to win a new To The Cabin cartridge. 

Well that's all I have to say for right now.  I am off to visit other blogs now.  Whats this all about?  WOYWW the society of desk snoops....get the scoop from the Queen of Snoops herself...Julia at Stamping Ground!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Planning the new crafting studio on a budget!

I am in the planning and doing stage of rearranging my crafting/art studio here at home.  About a year ago it became evident that the room I am in was beginning to be stretched to the limits and I could do one of two things...I could get rid of some of the 'stuff' in the room or I could move into the bigger spare bedroom.   I need I say that I was not in favor of getting rid of any of my 'stuffs' especially the crafting/art goodies that I have in there cause everything has a reason and a purpose in what I do.  I also needed a bigger desk and more room for the die cutting not to mention space for  friends when they came to play with my 'stuffs' so moving to the bigger room was the only option I could see working for me. 

I am going to take you on a walk around of my room but keep an open mind cause it hasn't always been this stacked up and has become this way over the past couple months as I started collecting new storage and putting it into use.  I really like the way it is starting to develop because I know what is in each box/bag/drawer which I didn't know before and I would buy an item again cause I didn't know I had whatever it was.   I just need the space to spread out and organize the goodies.  

Here is the first thing you see when you come to the door of the room.  Not a pretty sight so if you get squeamish you should close your eyes now!  Sorry about the quality of the photos but it is almost 11pm and the over head light is definitely glaring!

standing at the door you see the north wall of the room.  There is a futon in there that I don't want to give up cause I need it for a guest bed when the kids and grand kids come to visit!  Either side of the futon are oak cabinets that I have been using to store craft supplies but don't plan on taking into the new studio. See the rolling cart there in front?  There are two of those that hold my paper boxes.  The metal carts are $19.99 each and the cubes behind it I found for a bargain deal of $14.99 for the black ones and $18 for the white ones. 

Now you can see the futon...barely and the cabinet to the right
the cabinet to the left of the futon.  The white and black boxes are part of the new modular storage cubes that I bought for the new craft room.  The suit cases will sit on top of that when I am in the new room!

As you enter the room and look to the right you see my desk that I use now.  Those of you on WOYWW will recognize it from a lot of previous postings.   My desk is actually 2-three drawer file cabinets that I already store my 81/2" x 11" card stock in so it is out of the light and doesn't fade.  
The top is a 2' x 4' plank that just isn't big enough for what I am doing now days and I need a bigger workspace.  I am a visual person and the stuff I use the most is the stuff I can see and access readily.  I love my ribbon being out so I can get to it but the spools on the rod run out and when they do I have to take each and every roll off to get the empty on off.  I need another way to store the spools.
Another view of the desk wall.  There is a black 12 drawer cabinet that holds a lot of my punches, color pencils, water color crayons, some paints, and the staples that I need close at hand. 
On the east wall is a paper rack that holds my Stampin'Up! and Close to My Heart designer papers.  the little cart between the black cabinet and the paper rack holds my Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous stamps.

On the wall with the paper rack is a closet that isn't such a good deal. A lot of space is lost due to the opening being smaller then the actual closet and accessibility being limited.  I have purchased a lot of canvases and chipboard 'stuff' that I found on sale the past couple years and I use it and replace as it comes on sale or I find it cheaper.  Okay so that was 3 walls, the closet wall, the desk wall, and the futon wall.  The last wall is the shocker so if you have made it this far you might not make it past this spot.  I first want to show that there is really a futon here.  There is also a coffee table in front of the futon that is holding boxes of stuff for the move. 
I keep the futon pretty cleared off for the kitties!  One sleeps in the divoted back and the other on the seat and God knows I can't go in the room without one or both in there with me. 
 With these two pictures you can see how the futon wall links up with the last wall I want to show you.  This wall has a layer or two of storage on it.  There is a cube system in the back and then the new cubes I bought to link up with it.  I really don't care if the colors match up but may paper the set at some later date.  The old cube system is black brown, the new cubes are white and black.   The tall bookshelf holds my unmounted stamp

The tall metal carts are shelves that currently hold 12" x 12" boxes of paper organized by manufacturer.  I am thinking about changing the storage organization to the theme and/or color of the papers someday. 
This is my cutting station right now.  I have plans for a better way in the new room and will probably use the cart elsewhere.   Bottom shelf is Spellbinders and similar small dies and letter press plates in the green box.  Middle shelf houses the embossing folders on the left and metal trays hold my mover and shaper dies on the right.  Top speaks for itself with the Cricut and Vagabond.  Can't live without either one.
 Here is a plan for the new room. 

I bought a 6' x 6' corner desk to go in the corner by the window so I will be able to have some natural light part of the day when work.  I gave a friend $40 for the desk and it is in perfect shape!  I have tried to lay out the different components to get an idea of how much space I will actually have to use.  I made a trip to IKEA in Dallas with my daughter and we both bought some Expedit shelving units to use in our craft rooms. 

Heather bought the big guy with 25 storage cubes but I bought two smaller ones that I plan to stack.  I am going to lay the 2x4 on its side and put the 2x2 on the top and make a cutting desk for the Cricut and Vagabond on it.  With it stacked like that it almost lines up with the cube system I have had for so long. 

The 2x4 was $59 and the 2x2 was $39 the day we were down there shopping.  Heather bought doors and drawers to fit in hers but I have some baskets and boxes I am going to use in mine.

So money outlay so far comes up to :
Large Expedit    $59.00
small expedit     $39.00
Metal Carts       $39.98
Desk                  $40.00
Black Cubes      $29.99
white cubes       $36.00
Total today      $243.97

I can't think of much else I will need to buy furniture or otherwise for the new room.  I bought these items over the past 5 months so there was no pain or loss of money from the budget to buy them.  
I like the fact that there is plenty of floor space to set up a card table for friends when they come over or if I just need more space. Okay that's it for this post! Stay tuned for the makeover. 


I started going to a scrapbook class at Whole Lotta Scrap a while back called a Basic Grey Class.  This month it has been changed around to be called just Sketchbook class cause we are going to be using a lot of different and new paper lines.  This month we used the new Carta Bella "Beautiful Moments".

 This is the scrapbooking sketch book we have been using in the past.  It is loaded with a lot of layouts and each month Jamie the instructor picks out a layout and paper pack for us to try.  Here is an example of a sketch from the book...not this months sketch. 
 This is a picture of my layout that I finished.  It doesn't look at all like the teachers or the sketch book sketch either one.  I always do that and switch up the things to suit my mood.  But then that's what should should be motivated to do your own work not someone elses.  I am happy with it. 
I was telling Chuck that sometimes I surprise myself with the way these things turn out.  See the way the circles at the top and bottoms line up and fit together?  I didn't do that on purpose.  As a matter of fact I had screwed up and turned the paper borders upside down and glued them down making me have to change my layout to cover up some of the upside downess of the line.  Oh mistakes that work out well! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WOYWW #167 and Simon Says Stamp Challenge

Does anyone besides me seem to think that their desk looks the same every Wednesday?  Mine looks pretty much the same all the time just in varying stages of messy.  Today I have been working on a mouse trap and there is a hammer, some Prima flowers laying out that I used, the glue, the glue runner etc etc etc!!  Drawers are open, packets in various states of ope and it is mess.

This is the cause of the mess!  I have been watching everyone making the mouse traps this past month so I decided to give it a try but I bought a RAT trap instead so I could get more space for a clip.  What do you think?  I took all the metal bits off then painted it with some VerDay Paints and Patina from Ten Seconds Studio then I waited till it oxidized then I sealed it and put all the metal bits back on then decorated it with various pieces of goodies from my stash!  I really enjoy this new paint and patina technique so I think I will enter this in the Simon Says Stamp Challenge this week.

I got back my 6"x6" page swap from Creative Block-Stampers Anonymous in the mail today.  I won the stamp from last months swap and the opportunity to call next months colors.  We will be making 6"x6" pages due the end of September in chocolate brown, golden yellow, and rusty red.  Sandy is offering up another awesome stamp next swap too so if you are interested go check it out! 

Sort of short and sweet but getting long here so think I will end and go check out some of the other blogs at WOYWW...what what is WOYWW?  Check it out here!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WOYWW #166

Yes,  it is still Wednesday! Yes, I am running a little late...15:23 to be exact...but I still made it to the party!  What party you say...well hop on over to Julia's place...Stamping Ground and join the fun!  

Okay on to the important is my desk this week!  I have been busy this week but for the life of me I can't figure out doing what!

My desk is loaded with 'stuff' I am making for swaps.  the small tags on the left are the start for the Halloween Chaos canvas swap.  We were each assigned a tag size and we make up 12 tags and the hostess is mounting them on a 12x12 canvas for us.  The large tags on the right are for a August Tag swap on Creativeblock Yahoo group!

Another thing I have been doing is taking care of the grand-critters (fur babies) while the kids are off on vacation.  I go over and try and spend 2-3 hours a day doing this or that crafting so that they think they haven't been abandoned by their Momma and Dad!! 
This is Inara a mixed Siamese breed that adopted my daughter and son-in-law about 6 years ago.  Inara is such a loving kitty.  Here she is lying on top of my project of the day...putting together the cubes for my new craft room.  I am not for sure if she is offering to help or telling me that I should forget that or pay attention to her!!
Next is Horace, 7 years old, is their ever inquisitive cat.  I know what he is up to he is wanting to help by mixing up all my bits and pieces I carefully laid out to put together the boxes.

Last but not least is Nyasa an African Grey Parrot.  Micheall selected Nyasa as a hatchling and he is about 13 years old now.  If I would have to guess Nyasa has a vocabulary of a 3+ year old and makes himself known either by talking English or Burdle when impatient!! (Screeching)  I caught him here with a bit of chicken that I gave him as a treat...something seems wrong with a bird eating chicken!!

That's it for me today!  I am going to go and get a few things done before heading out to my daughters to care for the above critters.  Have a great week!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Stampin' Up! Sweet Deal!


 I have been doing some serious thinking about Stampin' Up! and have come to the conclusion that I think I would like to give others the opportunity to access and utilize these awesome products.


You don't like to sell or pressure either so when my friend offered me this opportunity I turned her down right away but kept buying the products from her!  About a year later as we were stamping up a stack of cards she made the remark that I should get in just to get my products at wholesale and reap the 'extra' rewards. Besides she tells me you have all the products, more than a lot of demos have!  I was shocked and didn't realize that you don't have to sell to be a SU demo! Being a SU demo doesn't limit what products you can use either.  You can use anything and everything out there on the market but there are some rules and regulations about posting links etc to competing products that they outline very well on the SU site.  I buy my needed and necessary items from myself ie: glues, cardstock, ink, ribbon, etc and it is delivered to my house so I limit impulse buying from going into a box store.  I get a first row seat on new products coming out from SU and sneak peaks of products!

Here's a sweet deal for the month of August...

Sign up on my team between August 1-31st to receive  all shown below +

All new demonstrators will receive a FREE Howl-o-ween Printer’s Tray project kit! This boo-tiful kit contains all the bits and pieces to create a super spooky Halloween decoration*—you won’t want to miss out on this exclusive offer!  The Howl-o-ween Printer's Tray project kit-a $60 value-just for doing what they already love.   The $99 starter fee includes over $125 worth of product that you choose and customize to your needs and wants.  Do you like talking and seeing what other stampers/scrappers are doing?  You get free access to Stampin' Connection a blog site that Stampin' Up! has created where stampers/scrappers get together and share ideas from all around the Stampin' Up! world!  Each month you receive the Stampin Success magazine featuring all sorts of fun and informative stuff.

To sign up go to  or email me at