Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer of Color week 1.

This is my third year of joining in with the group at Summer of Color and I have been looking forward to it all year.  If you haven't heard about SoC click on the link on my right sidebar and go check it out.  Loads of fun things to see!  

Here is my project for week one.  The color prompt was citron green and turquoise and this is what I made of it.  Hope you like it!  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I don't have a lot to post today and definitely no pictures due to no Internet access tonight and not being home where my desk is!  We started out storm chase vacation and left home around noon and headed north to Hastings, Nebraska.   Tomorrow we will head even further north in hopes of intercepting  a severe thunderstorm!   I will try to post as soon as we get Internet access.

If you would like to see a desk and join in the fun check out Julia's blog www. and she will fill you in on how you can play too!   Hopefully there will be more to post tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW #210

Lots of ATC's came in the mail this week and I want to warn everyone to be on the look out on mine heading your way and most of them were heading overseas so it will be a day or two before they get there.   What came this week!
Awesome ATC's this week from Fairy Thoughts, Ria Gall, Lottie, Kezzy, Nan, Kay, Sandra, Sue, Maisee Moonishine, Buttons, 

Warning this is another photo intensive post so be aware to reheat your coffee or tea and sit back and look over what I am going to show you!  I had and awesome time down in Arlington at the conference and now that I am back home and broke...I wonder at why I spent way too much money!  Biggest reason was that there was so much to be had for so little that I over did it.  Who ever heard of sets of Spellbinders were only $5 a set or that Susan's Garden flower dies were buy one get one 60% off...not me so I took advantage of it...doubt I will buy anymore dies this year though!
My desk today...
Looks pretty staged and it is...I had been taking pictures of what I bought to share with you.  I know show off but...lots to show off! See all the Xyron refills in the background?  well they had those 1 1/2" refills for $2 each (normally $4.99+), the 5" refills for $4 each (norm is $10+), and a 9" machine for $40 ($119) and refills for $8 ($24.99) so I just had to stock up!  I figure I saved a lot of money just on the Xyron glue purchases alone to help fund my next purchases.  I also scored on some of the Spellbinders they were getting rid of! 
these were part of the Creatopyia line of die cutter that I don't think made it but they were selling these dies at $5 a set!  Woot!  they normally go for $24.99 over here!
Next I moved on to the Stampers Anonymous booth....
Me in my purple glory at the Stampers Anonymous booth...Loved all the Tim goodies...I would have bought more from this section but I had spent so much on embellishments a while back I thought I had better steer clear!

 I really loved all the different artists and vendors that were available but the Stampers Anon booth had to be my favorite one of all.  Guess who?
My hero!  I can't believe how these old women hung on every word he said though!  OMG! I made it around the one portion of the vendor booths and these same women were sitting there drooling all over him!  My daughter took this looking towards where I was standing!
I took this one looking across at where she was standing but alas she had left!
Happy days!  I got a picture with Tim Holtz!  Even with the big belly and the bra strap showing I am a happy girl to have this photo!
and  Wendi Vecchi!  Love art parts and Wendi Vecchi!
And don't forget Jim Hankins, the Gentleman Crafter!  Hails from my neck of the woods just a little further south in Texas land!  I am happy he has partnered up with Dyan Reaveley!  Another favorite of mine!
 I bought some really good deals at the booth too!  How about paint daubers 6 bottles for $5 and some of the new Distress Paint for $5 a bottle!  Woot!  I scored on the new sets of stamps I didn't have...see I put the Union Jack set on top!
Next stop was a booth selling Sizzix stuff...not Sizzix but an affiliate.  That's okay cause look what I picked up here....These are all big sales bargains too...
Susan's Gardens...60% off!
Graphic 45's new dies and stamp one get one 60% off
Diffusion same as G-45
Tropical Travelogue stamps from Graphic 45...$5. 
Look at all the stencils that were on sale.
Fried brains and feet after the day spent wandering around the conference. DD Heather to the left and Terri my friend and owner of the LSS here in Norman called Scrap That Norman!
full shopping bags, tired feet...time to go!
So that is my adventure around the scrapbook conference.  I enjoyed it and would do it again but...I was so tired and feeling bad that I didn't go back to the conference but opted for a less hectic and quiet afternoon at IKEA Dallas before heading back to Oklahoma that evening.  Fun times.

Okay!  By now all my non-WOYWWer friends are probably wondering what all this desk talk is about!  Well has all to do with Julia Dunnit and her blog Stamping Ground.  Click the link and head over there to see how you too can have fun surfing the web and snooping out other peoples desks.  Loads of fun and very informative too!

I think I will grab a cup of coffee and visit as many sites as I can before I head out to a tea party at 2 pm.  Hope I didn't offend anyone with my post being so long and picture heavy but so many asked to see what I bought at the conference I had to share!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW #209

Just want to issue an apology to those I am swapping ATC with and to let you know that I procrastinated getting them done and still haven't finished due to a lot of life issues.  I am not flaking out on you and hopefully they will be winging there way to you soon!  Speaking of ATC I thought I would share what I have received so far and I think they are all so gorgeous and I am so thankful for all of them!
Awesome ATC from Wipso, Twiglet, Darnell, lil Pidge, Nikki, Joyanna, and Sara
It has been another interesting week around here weatherwise.  I think most everyone knows that my husband Chuck is a severe storms meteorologist and a storm chaser and has a business dealing with weather.  Check out for some of his photography.  Chuck was only about 500 yards from this beast when it started.  I have been storm chasing with him for years and it takes a lot to get me upset weather wise but this past month has my brain in turmoil.  I love the majesty of severe is so beautiful and speaks to the artist in my soul and my right brain swings into action watching all color and imagery that can be had.  This past month though it has had an uglier side to it.  The Oklahoma City metro area was hit on May 20 and left a path of death an devastation that really has rocked our world around here... this was less then 5 miles from this tornado.  Friday we were hit again with another killer storm that spawned an F5 tornado with winds of over 290 miles per hour and the monster was 2.6 miles wide in spots on the ground over 45 minutes.  Here is some good footage on YouTube from some chaser friends... 

 This storm actually rolled over us after the tornado and spawned some weaker tornadoes around us...luckily (once again) we weren't hit.   We have several friends and chasers that weren't as lucky and died in the storm...first storm chasers ever that we know of that have been killed while chasing.  Some of you wanted to know why we stay here...I was born here it is the only life I know.  The storms are only about 1 1/2-2 months out of the year and it is rare that we get hit like this...we are setting records here this year!  The weather is usually temperate, not to hot, not to cold, life is good...except for the rare occasions it is boring weather. 

My desk this week isn't much changed from last week due to gardening and trying to keep up with things while Chuck is out of town so I am not even going to take a picture of it instead I will take a picture of how my garden is growing!

A visitor in the garden!
beans corn tomato
squash, sunflowers, tomatoes and peppers
I am off today to Dallas actually Arlington, Texas to a convention of scrapbookers/crafters/sewing artists.  My daughter, Terri, and I decided to go down to see what is going on new in the world of crafting.  This is the first year ever that the Great American Scrapbook Conventions has collaborated with Martha's Sewing Market and we think it is a good deal!  I hear Tim Holtz will be there demoing in the StampersAnonymous booth and showing off his new fabrics!
Stitch Craft Create Live: The Ultimate Scrapbooking + Sewing Event
I am looking forward to hearing from everyone how the WOYWW crop went and how much fun they had!  I wish I could have been is on my bucket list to make one someday.  I am saving up pennies!  

Okay enough from me!  I am already way past the keeping the post short rule so hopefully don't get fussed at!  Interested in knowing what I am talking about when I say WOYWW?  Check out the link and Julia with enlighten you!