Sunday, July 14, 2019

WOW! Time flies when you are having...

fun or in pain and sick so you can't do much else.  It takes a lot of energy to just get by and when you add in feeling sorry for yourself on good days...well that's life!

I haven't been doing a lot of anything crafty the past year!  I try to get to a crafting group once a month with a group I have been crafting with over the years.  Paperdolls are a fun group!  Everyone knows I am a Stampin' Up! Demo right?  I have a site online where you can check out all the good stuff!  You can visit the site by clicking on the Okienurse! 

Each month Stampin' Up! has a kit that comes out around the 15th of the month called The Paper Pumpkin.  It is a no brainer and contains everything you need to make the cards/kit that month including ink, glue dots, twine etc!  This past month I did a card kit from Stampin' Up! called Sentimental Rose.  It was Aprils kit...  I really enjoyed putting this together.   It made 9 cards and there were some preprinted elements but just enough stamping I felt like I was doing something not just sitting!
 There were 9 cards to be made with this kit and a clear poly box to store them in...
 The box presentation vertical or horizontal looks good huh!
 I love the color combo of pink and minty green...I know but memory is faulty now days too!
I had post op anoxia and nothing works as it should anymore!  I stamped these roses and leaves but...
 these roses came preprinted and you just had to layer the card!  I hear some saying cheat but hey I made these!  I love being able to say I did something again!
the last set of cards are vertical and while I can't tie twine I had fun making them!  

Okay done deal!  Going to try and post again sooner then a year out!  I really have missed it!