Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jury Duty Is Almost Done

My term as a Federal juror is over soon! July 9th marks the last day that I can be called for jury duty this term! It was a learning experience that was one of those love/hate relationships! Did you know that when you serve on a Federal jury your term is usually at least a month in length and can go longer depending on the case you are chosen for. I was chosen for a case last week that involved an international company and a company located here in OKC. The case was a civil case that revolved around a perceived fraud and the plaintiff was asking for damages. The case itself was rather boring but it only lasted two days and then the judge decided to rule on it and released the jury. Yea! Free at last. Not so! When I reported to the jury room and the clerk released us all she warned us that we could be called back until July 9th. Some heard her say we could be called back for 2 years but I didn't hear that and I think it was confused with the 2 months service.

The Honorable Judge Tim Leonard, was the judge on the case, and he grew up Beaver, OK Judge Leonard gave us some interesting history of the Oklahoma Federal Courts. Most states only have one district but OK because of its history has three. Northern, Eastern, and Western Districts. I served jury duty in the Western district. The reason we have 3 is because of political, tribal, and statehood issues that caused concerns and distention in the system and it was just easier to divide it up that to deal with it.

Me and Judge Leonard!