Wednesday, August 26, 2020

WOYWW #586 and what's up around Casa de Doswell

 Yay!  I remembered to come back to WOYWW to visit other folks desks and to make a new post...I have not been the greatest in the memory department this month!  WOYWW? Go check out Julia's desk to find out what it is all about!

My desk this week continues to be a nightmare of sorts...I did get a couple cards made but just!  I got a couple new kits in and unloaded them and it makes a stack for sure...

I really like the Stamps of Life stamps and dies lately...I have never been much into cutesy stuff but I have been so depressed with all the isolating etc I decided to try it out!  Also bought some beach stamps and die kit from Queen and Co.  I miss being able to go on a cruise.  I guess feeling guilty over 3 last year is done cause I won't be able to take one for another year from the sounds of it.  

I made a couple cards this week prior to the deluge on the desk...This first one was from a swap!  We all kitted up and sent stuff to our partner for them to make a card with.  If you use glue on this glossy cardstock it will warp...should have thought it out but...anyway I think it isn't half bad considering!

This second one is a pick up card.  I was tied up on a wait on the phone and saw this stuff laying on the desk and decided to make a slimline to find an envelope to put it in.  I had made a couple scrapbook layouts last year with this paper and how it got back on the desk is beyond me!  
It seems to be all the rage to do these slimline cards over here right now and I think it turned out okay considering it is a first.

I guess that is it for my WOYWW post.  I hope everyone has a great week and has a lot of fun doing whatever they are doing.  It has been very hot here...I am almost ready for fall!

I am kind of down in the dumps today cause my middle fur baby was outside on the deck and came up missing.  I have never seen her leave the back yard so I am assuming she went for a walk and didn't know how to get home.  I have "put out the word" so to speak and I hope people will let me know if they see her.   Ghost is pure white and such a sweet kitty...I hope no one has taken her.

I have been spending a lot of time outside and swim most evenings.  We had a new deck and pergola put in this year and it is just a nice place to sit and contemplate life...kinda like a vacation at home.  

The deck and pergola had been there for over 30 years so it was definitely time for new!
Chuck spends a lot of time in the garden during this time of year.  We are canning a lot of tomatoes and had some squash and corn earlier that I processed for the freezer.

The patio and deck look a lot different two months later...I am not so happy that this vine took over and killed out a lot of the other plants I had planted.

A good place to sit for a glass of wine or a chat.  I listen to music most nights and eat my supper out here! 

The swimming pool is also a good place to float and have a good time.  

Okay enough for today!  Hope everyone has enjoyed my back yard as much as I do.  Backing up to park makes it so nice...I don't have to care for it as much as if it was my property and yet I enjoy it like it is mine!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

WOYWW etc...

 It has been quite awhile since I have participated in WOYWW...Time just seems to fly by with the never changing days that we have been enduring of late...For the first time since I have retired I am actually happy to be retired.  I worked 43 years as a RN in emergency rooms, ICU/CCU, etc.  I don't think I could physically or mentally face another disaster like what this Covid Pandemic is causing in the medical field. It has been a tough 4 years and the whole of the USA is a disaster at this point in time so we stay home and mope about!!

So I got off the subject of why I am here!  WOYWW is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  Julia is the creator of this magnificent space and I have participated in it for many years off and on...going to try to be more on then off I hope!  My work desk this week is a mess...whole room continues to be a disaster zone and I think I am rapidly becoming a hoarder of sorts!  It has paid off though cause I have only been to the local Michaels twice in the 6 months since Covid entered our lives.

Stormy girl is my constant companion when I am in my "room" and loves to lay in front of the computer so I am always having to reach around her to get anything and that means some lovings in the mix.  I have 3 critters and most the time they are all in the craft room.

I have been staying busy doing various projects by haven't been doing much original anything relying on kits to keep me going artsy fartsy!  I did make up some tags for the yearly calendar swap I have been participating in a group that utilizes StamperAnpn stamps etc called Art Incorporated  We used to be on Yahoo groups but moved to  I don't know what I did wrong but only 8 of the 13 tags photographed and I know I took a picture of all of them but...well here they are.  They are suppose to be all the there you go just a little bit different!  Difference is good right?

So that is it for me for this week.  I will check out some of the desks and see what everyone has been doing recently.  I have missed it and get way too involved in the BS of politics in the US!  It is a hot mess here for sure right now.