Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Well a little late...not months have passed...since my last post.  Been busy with all sorts of stuff...some essential some not so much so!  I really enjoyed WOYWW a couple weeks ago and promised to be here too and I am...Whats WOYWW?  Whats On Your Workdesk/space Wednesday!  Julia Dunnit started the group many years ago and it is a fun place...Check it out!

My space looks like more of a disaster then it did 2 weeks ago with me shuffling stuff around and back again trying to place this, find that, get rid of some stuff!  I just have more stuff then one person should have and keep getting more because people think I can't live without it!  My craft room from the door
 I truly am trying to organize but it seems I have to move 200 things to find a resting place for the one in my hand...I will persevere.  I have 2 boxes to go out sitting in the dining room waiting on pick up by a school teacher that needs supplies.

Some cards I made this week.  I really love the kits that Close to My Heart puts out a could times a year.  My daughter is a CTMH dealer and she lets me order them on her account!  This one is the Seas the Day card kit...a lot of fun to put together!  This kit makes 4 of each card type.

 I have since bought the layout/scrapbook kit and will show you that when I get it done!

A friend got the new Gemini from Crafters Companion...a bright sparkly metallic machine...tried out machine and the dies that came with it and made a couple cards!

I think they turned out really nice...6"x 6" but pretty much lays flat.  I love bright sparkly/shiny things and bright colors.  My daughter tells everyone that color is my does calm me down when a lot is available.  I don't do well with dull and drab...

Okay I guess I will end this missive here without adding a lot more to it.  I hope to make it around to see everyone this week...Don't know how I keep forgetting!