Wednesday, March 28, 2018

WOYWW #460

Welcome to Wednesday and WOYWW...if you want to play along go visit Julia at Stamping Ground and she will fill you in on the details.

It has been a busy week and a lot has been accomplished but I didn't get outside to take any pictures...too wet and everything looks so bedraggled!  The concrete workers didn't make it out to do the patio using the excuse that so much rain would only give me second pool and no patio...hahaha!

My desk this week.

Working on a scrapbook kit from Close to My Heart called Swan Lake.  These are pictures from a trip to California last year!
I also have been busy making last years ATC's and a few cards...actually about a dozen or so...
I have these in the mail and I have hopes they are there by now since it has been a week.  I first signed up late then had surgery etc. etc. etc.  I forgot!  Done deal now.  Let me know if I owe you!
 I made multiples of the cards on different card stock and different prints. For the most part I was satisfied with the outcomes but...I think I am going to back off the distressing a bit on the cards from now on!

Subtle differences in these two cards...had fun!
 Had fun changing up the color of the card stock and coloring...

I love decorating the envelopes to the cards and have started using a lot of Washington tape for that reason.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WOYWW #459

My desk doesn't have a lot going on but I did get busy and make a few tags and ATC this week.  I am finally starting to feel better for the most part except for the pain issues...that's life! If you are interested in WOYWW and seeing what other crafters are doing check out Julie's blog and she will tell you how to play along!

Not a lot going on on my desk...I have been cutting out and gluing together these little suit cases from the Sidekick set you see there on the left.  I have been having so much fun playing with that darn thing!  Guess that's what it is all about...having fun!  I decided I was going to try and color in some of the ATC but don't know how much coloring I will do...I never like the way I color!
The tag I made for a swap on Creativeblock-StampersAnonymous. I always try and do the back of the tags too cause I hate it when they are always so messy so it is like making two tags sometimes.  
This is the free stamp we got for playing along last month.  It is from Stampers Anon Tim Holtz called Watson.  Tags were to be flat so that the 5 tags could be mailed in a legal envelope.  Sometimes all the embellishments play havoc with postage so we are trying to conserve by going flat!  

This has been an interesting week all things told!  Didn't have a single doctor's appointment except my weekly visit with the talk therapist...I have PTSD from various and sundry issues in both my personal and professional life!  Guess only so many bombings, building collapses, and natural disasters(tornadoes) etc till it takes its toll.  I worked ER and ICU/CCU for most of my 42 years as an RN and sometimes what you see can set off a chain of events that isn't good so I took care of myself so I could take care of others!

Weather has been pretty nice around here this week.  We got up in the low 80°F one day but we have mostly stayed around the 60-70° range.  The fruit trees and flowering trees are putting on a show and my front flower bed is bursting with hyacinth and daffodils that Chuck planted last year.  I am really happy it is starting to warm up.  Next week I will post some pictures of the yard and what is up and blooming.  The workers are suppose to come out soon to start tearing out the old patio and pouring a new one and I have been staying busy trying to get that cleared away so they can do their job!

More later!  Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It has been another crazy week here at Casa Doswell!  WOW!  I am not really sure what happened or why but another week has slipped away.  I have pretty much been left on my own while Chuck traveled to a conference in Japan and still managed to get next to nothing done!

My desk this week is a disappointment I am sure to some...nothing really going on today.   If you would like to see other desks and join in the fun check out WOYWW on Julia's blog to learn how!   I made some cards last week and managed to only remember to take a picture of one of them!!
St. Patrick's Day cards on the left...The new stamp and die from The Stamps of Life stamp of the month these little butterflies!!  My grandkids will too!  The folder with stamp and the rectangle die is from I have started buying a few things from them and for the most part have been satisfied with the quality of the dies and stamps.   This lot was 'free' and I paid about $3 postage.
I went to my young nieces birthday party on Sunday.  Betty Rae turned on March 11!  Carol, my sister and her grandmother, would have turned 60 years old the day before.  Betty loves big jewelry, anything glittery and sparkling, and unicorns so I made her a special card for her special day!
 Jenn my niece in law had balloons that we wrote notes to my sister on and tied to the balloon to send to heaven to celebrate Carol.  It was exciting for all my sisters grand babies to send Grammy a birthday balloon!
Organizing the balloon lift off!
The Birthday Girl helping her Mom!  

lots of notes and love winging their way home!
Short and sweet...well at least for me it is...  I need to get dressed and go for a doctors visit this afternoon so I had better get off here and get ready!  I will try and get around to the desks this afternoon and not leave it till the last minute this week!  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fun times! WOYWW #457

Welcome to Wednesday!  It is bright and sunny here in Oklahoma and the temperature today is only 30°f (4°c) but it is dry and sunny!  I slept in late today so my post for WOYWW is late is here.  What is WOYWW?  Go check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground for details on how to join!

Been busy doing nothing this past week...too cold in the craft room and my arthritis doesn't handle that well.  I just learned I have psoriatic arthritis in my hands...say what????  Never heard of it so I had to look it up.  Doesn't look like it is going to be a lot of fun to have...  I have ordered a radiant heater that should be here later today so watch for cards and scrapbook layout next week.

My desk isn't any different then last week so thought I would show what I did last night.  I went to a painting party and drank margaritas and painted!  It was a lot of fun!
my painting...not quite done yet but we only had 2 hours!!

 My friend Beth (on the right) and her sister Janet host this fundraiser every year to raise money for Relay for Life...a fundraising group of the American Cancer Society.  I try to go to events like this and support research as I can.  See  huge margarita sitting here?  This is a local Mexican food restaurant about 2 miles from our house and they have good food and awesome margaritas...luckily I didn't have to drive too far to get home!
Most of the group but not quite all

 one of the instructors
another instructor and her husband helper! 

This is what we were suppose to paint but you know me...I have a hard time following directions!

Okay that is it for me today.  I managed to make it around...although some were on everyone in the group!  I really enjoy seeing what everyone is doing.  Have a great week!