Monday, August 26, 2013

Recycling an old paint bucket!

Decided to recycle an old paint bucket to use as part of my fall decorations and maybe in a class at the store this fall...

I love the Farm House paper line! This is a group of papers they came out with last fall and I thought I could use them to cover the paint bucket and to make decorations for my dining room table this fall.  Everything used in creating this bucket is recycled except for 4 sheets of paper from the Sugar Hill line from Farm House Papers.  Actually less then to cover the bucket, two to make flower pics/thankful cards, and a half one to make flowers.  I also used light weight cereal box between the two sheets of paper on the flower pics/thankful cards. (That thing peeking out on the upper right!)  All of the leaves were bits and pieces of colored card stock I pulled out of my card stock recycle bin and cut out the shapes with the Tattered Leaves die by Tim Holtz/Sizzix.  I embossed them with various embossing folders after distressing around the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.
little out of focus because I couldn't get the top and bottom to work together to take a picture!!  There are more pictures and details in the photos below.
The paper comes with 6 cards to a sheet and like Terri said I think it would be fun to have this as a fall table decoration then at Thanksgiving hand out a card to each person and have them write what they are thankful for that year.  You could then use them in scrapping the photos of that dinner!

Front of bucket.
Side of bucket

Back of bucket.  I tried a little glitter on the first flower I made and I really didn't like the way it turned out so I didn't put it on any of the others. 
opposite side of bucket
More detail

Back of bucket

On display at the store for customers to see what you can do with a bunch of trash and a little imagination!
It was a really easy and inexpensive project to do because of the recycling most of the stuff used!  Hope you like it!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Calendar Pages!

I am finished with the 12"x12" Graphic 45 Place in Time easel calendar...finally!  Not bad really considering I didn't start working on it till the end of January and I am done by the end of August!    I just finished the November and December pages last Friday at a crop and I told Terri I felt like all the calendars were starting to look alike even though I was trying to make each one unique and different.  I was going to show just the two that I finished but I think I am going to share the whole year...starting with the last finished and going backwards!!

December is all about snow, Santa and Holiday fun!  I love the plum pudding picture and all the holly!   December was always a time of family gatherings and sharing.  I miss not having my oh so large family around anymore. 

The incorporation of the Thanksgiving holiday and pilgrims into harvest time with the Graphic 45 papers makes me smile.  A traditional American holiday!

Ghosts, goblins and all sorts of scary things happen in October...I love the crisp air and the ability to have windows open to allow the fresh air into the house!  

The start of fall and back to school time!  Leaves are turning and nights are cooler...I love all the color changes that are happening!

Last days of summer, crops are coming in in the garden and it is a time for fun and play!

Summer holiday and play days!  The 4th of July fireworks and picnics flooded my memories while working on this page!  My birthday is in this month and a day at the seashore would be my choice for sure!  July can be a gruesomely hot time in Oklahoma!

school is out and the whole summer looms before us...  Lots of weddings and the flowers are in full bloom!  Soft sounds of summer!

awesome time of year with all the flowers blooms,  graduations and celebrations of life.  I enjoy all the family get together to celebrate life, death, graduations and hopes for the future.  Being Oklahoma there is always hopes of thunderstorms and "events" to anticipate!

April showers bring May flowers!    Lots of fun things to do outside cause the weather is getting warmer and children look forward to the coming summer holidays!

everything is greening up...still a little cool but so many fun things are happening around us.  I love gardening so this month is the first month I can finally get outside and do some gardening! 

Valentines day is such a fun time of year...I heard that there are whole farms dedicated to raising all the flowers and roses that are sold at this time of year...Not to mention that candy sales are higher now then any time of year!

All the holiday hoopla is over and I consider January a time of rest although I don't understand why!  Both my children were born in January!

So that is my calendar for the year.  I made it a perpetual calendar with mats so I could remove the old months calendar and put the new one on each year.  I figured if I put this much work into it it had to be for more then just one use! 

Trip to Fort Rucker, Alabama August 17, 2013

Heather called about 5 pm on Saturday and said...
 "Mom how do you feel about leaving tonight instead of tomorrow and head out to Alabama?"
 I said...
"sure I can be ready in about 2-3 hours...come get me"
And so the great adventure to Ft. Rucker and Chad's graduation from Warrant Officer school begins.
In the two hours I managed to color my hair, shave my legs, shower, pack and get my special food stuffs together for the trip.  I had thought she meant we would drive all the way through to Alabama but she surprised me and we stopped over in Russellville, Arkansas for the night!

The next morning we got up early and continued on to Ft. Rucker.  The going was mainly on 4 lane roads and the trip was fairly uneventful until we arrived at Ft. Rucker after dark!  OMG!  I can't remember in recent history being anywhere that was so dark and we had to find our way around the guest cabins and lake with very little out side lighting and around narrow roads at a mere crawl.  We rented a cabin on post that is on Lake Tholocco that the Army rents to transient and holidaying personnel and families and those that come down to a graduations.   The cabin is essentially a 2 bedroom house fully stocked with everything you would pot, dishes, cooking utensils, linens etc.

Ft. Rucker is an aviation training facility for helicopter pilots and there is always a drone of helicopters going over.  It is also one of the training facilities the Army has for training non-commissioned and warrant officers other then just the helicopter pilots.   I always knew that there was a difference in commissioned, non-commissioned, and warrant officers (WO) but didn't realize how little I knew and when Chad told us about his being chosen to become a WO I started to Google so I could become more knowledgeable!  If you ever get a chance to go by Ft. Rucker stop in and visit their air is worth the stop!

Here are a few pictures from the trip I thought I would share...I had a really great time visiting with Chad, Candice, and of course the grand daughters Teresa (4) and Hannah (2).
View from the screened in porch at our cabin
Heather standing in front of our cabin!
 This was the classic scene we saw once DaDa got to come home from the meetings and camp.  Where one family member was they all were....geesh!  You would think they missed him or something!
 Chad and Candice returning to the cabins after a reception honoring all the WO candidates. 
 While Mom and Dad were doing classes and attending to various business Aunt Heather and I got to have the girlie's all to ourselves and had a great time at the parks around us.   The weather in Alabama didn't cooperate very well though being humid and rainy most of the time but thanks to the occasional breaks we were able to go outside occasionally.  Thank heavens for the screened in porches and DVD players available in each cabin to keep folks entertained!
 Teresa never went down slides instead choosing to climb up them instead!
 Hannah and her "jamma's" that went everywhere with her!  Jamma's were a call to action when Hannah managed to lose one of two pairs of pj bottoms she carried around! 

 Aunt Heather managed to get into the playground and kept up with where the girls were going and coming from.  WOW! they didn't have huge playground and playsets like this when I was a kid!  There were all sorts of fun things to do and interact with on this thing!

Graduation was Wednesday morning at the air museum at Ft. Rucker.  Here are a few pictures! ;-)  Just a few!!!

The girls got a little restless but we came prepared.  The girls loved playing with our phones cause they had some interesting games and fun things to look at on them!  iPhones are an awesome invention if only for this reason!
 Hannah playing with a fish app that you can feed the fish and the more you feed the more fish come to eat.
 Teresa found out about PacMac and loves the game now!  Don't know how Mom and Dad feels about it but kept her quiet at the event!

 Chad was one of 6 new WO chosen for the Commanders List!  He scored in the top 20% of his class of WOC! 
Chad is the second in from the right of the men standing at the front!
Rolling his eyes as usual at our Kodak moments.  Chad had decided he wanted Candice to place one of the bar epaulets and I would do the other cause both little girls wanted to go to the front too!
 Newly minted WO1 and his family!
 Chad and 5 other new officers.  All are eventually going to be band commanders!
 Me, Chad, and Teresa!
 Me, Chad, Heather and Teresa still playing PacMan!

 Chad, Candice, Heather, and Hannah....minus the shoes....I swear that girl is an Okie!

We had an awesome time!  It was over way to soon and after lunch at Applebee's they headed out to catch their planes home...Chad from Florida and Candice from Dothan, AL with the girls.  Heather and I started the drive back talking about all the fun things we had seen and how much fun the girls had been.  It had been 2 years since I had seen them and I am hoping it won't be two more before I see them again! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WOYWW #219

Happy WOYWW!  This week flew past even faster then they usually do and I am wondering if it is my age or lack of attention...I tend to get sidetracked and it takes a bit to bring me back around.
If you would like to see what other desks are looking like to do head on over to Stamping Ground and Julia has it all laid out for you on the left side bar at the top!

Here is my desk this week...Yes it is definitely a mess and I haven't made much progress towards moving to the other room but I am saying it is because I am really thinking it through this time...
 Nothing really remarkable but I haven't cleaned it up from last night and ended up depositing some things on it till I could get them sorted out!
Here is a picture...or two of a project I am working on at the moment.  It is a re purposed paint bucket about 1 gallon sized that I am trying to make a gift tote or a decorative table piece out of.  I am kind of stuck as to where to go right now.  Looks flat and blah to me so will leave it sitting for a day or two and see if it grows on me or if some idea pops up to make it look better.  
Front of pail.   I really like the warm fall colors and the prints.  The paper is from Farm House and is all about fall.  I put solid flowers on it to begin with and did not like them at all.  I am not for sure about these!
Back of pail.  I only added one flower back here and I decided to try some Stickles glitter glue on it to perk it up but it doesn't so up too well in the photograph.  
I get really frustrated when I have an idea in my head and I can't get it to gel when I start making it...I am open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas!

Need to let you know I might not be around next Wednesday because I am traveling to Alabama to attend my son's graduation from Warrant Officer training at Ft. Rucker.  Hopefully we will have Internet connect but it being base housing I am not counting on it.  I didn't think I was going to be able to go but my DD surprised me with the news of two trips she has orchestrated for us to take this year...the first is the graduation next week and the second is a transatlantic cruise she booked on the Carnival Sunshine that departs from Barcelona on November 1st and arrives in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 16.  There are several ports of call but there are also about 10 days at sea!!! Yay!  time to rest!

Well that's it for me.  I am off to bed now.  Couldn't sleep during the night so will try and sleep today...what a mess my body is!  Be back later to hop around the globe looking at every ones desks. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


WOW how fast can a week fly by?  Seems like it was just yesterday I wrote the post for last weeks WOYWW and here it is Wednesday again.  What is WOYWW?  Go check out on it over at Julias blog Stamping Ground...the directions on how to join is up in the upper left side. 
Been busy this week sorting out the craft room for a move to the bigger room.  Hopefully I can get that accomplished in the next couple of weeks so I can find all the stuff I need for fall crafting projects.  I have so much stuff that are duplicates that I refusing to buy anymore till I get it organized better because I know I have what I need just not accessible.  Example...I bought some paper mache boxes last year that are pumpkin shaped on the clearance bin to make something with this year...I don't have the foggiest where they are at!!  I am pulling stuff out of cabinets and closets and trying to find this or that.   I am an organized person...more or less.  I have all sorts of boxes, baskets, drawers, and cabinets to store stuff in but I have piled it in front of or around other pieces of storage and I have to move stuff to get at it.  SO I am moving.  Want to have nightmares tonight?  Here is an example of what I am talking about...
my color coordinated cardstock in plastic boxes in a rack in front of the cabinet that holds a lot of scrapbooks and tools I rarely use but when I need them I have to move all this crap.
This is a nightmare!  The cutting cart holds dies, folders, and my Vagabond.  It sits in front of a table that I have covered with stuff from the closet I have been trying to find things in.  The cube cabinet behind it is about 3 feet from the cutting cart but has two carts in front of it that hold various and sundry cardstock and 6x6 and 8x8 paper pads that have become a horizontal depository for closet debri!   
Yes, I have a ton of stuff but I have less then a lot of people I know but I can't find what I need due to space issues.   SO the move is on for this upcoming couple of weeks.  Thought about it for a year and it is time to act!
Room is approximately 11.5'x14.6'
This is a diagram of the room I am moving into and an idea I have for placement of things. The carts above with the papers will be housed in the closet and pulled out as I need them.  There are a lot of what ifs with the room but I think I will be able to get everything out where I can get to it.  I have a couple of fold-up tables that I can use when friends come over to play that I can put up in the center of the room because I will have space to spare there!  The expedit will be come my cutting area for my BigShot Pro and the Vagabond will move too and from the desk as needed.  Currently there is nothing in the Expedit or the File Cabinet which is a lateral 3 drawer that I plan to house all my 8 1/2" x 11" papers in plus some of the scrapbooking stuff.   Any ideas you would care to share would be greatly appreciated!  Of course I will take before and after pictures to share.

Want to see what I made this week....Tags of course.

These are the tags I will be teaching in my class later this month!
 I got into the back to school mode thinking about what it had meant to me when my children were small.  I was always up early (or late) drinking coffee and sewing,  making dresses and shirts for them to wear to school.  My son was about 10 years old when he told me he didn't mind me making him pajamas etc but he preferred we buy his clothes for school!!  Okay!  Mom days were on their way out!

That's it!  Thanks for staying with me through the rambling cause it has really helped me get some ideas righted around in my head.  Like I said suggestions are welcome!!!  Have a great week. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

T-Tuesday and Tea!

 Stormy Kitty and I had just sat down with the first cup of the day and I decided I needed to check up on what old friends were doing today.  I went to Altered Book Lover blog to see what Elizabeth and Bluebeard were up to and ran across the T-Today post!  WOW I don't think I realized that T-Tuesday was happening but now that I have found out I think I will post.  Elizabeth lives about 200 miles north of me in Kansas and reading her post it made me think about all the rain we have had here in Oklahoma.   I can't remember the last time it was this green on the 6 August!

My new raised beds are doing awesome and so green this summer.  I think part is the new raised beds and part has to do with the rain we are getting.  I took this picture in the rain this past week. 
The new raised beds are awesome!  I love the way everything is contained.  Poor tomato in the back was a yellow pear vintage breed that didn't have the VFN protection and the wilt got to it.  I have since replanted that box with potato sets that I found growing in my garage...yes I forgot and left the potatoes in the garage and hopefully I can salvage something from my mistake.  Potatoes are now $3.58 a 5# bag here and that is too much to waste. In the closest bed I have planted cucumbers, yellow and green squash this week.   Growing season here in Oklahoma lasts till November most years.  Don't know what it will do this year though since like I said I have never seen this much rain or green in August!
A view from the patio.
The plants in the far left box are a second crop of corn.  The rain has caused some rapid growth and it is now twice the height and starting to tassel.  The big leaved plants in the boxes are Sunflowers...Mammoth variety.  I bought a package at WalMart in the spring and planted the whole package and had to thin them down a lot.  The plants are about 10 feet here and with the rain grew a couple more feet and started to bloom prolifically.  Here are some pictures of those Mammoth flowers. 
The plants are about 12+ feet tall now.  The flower heads seem to turn and follow the sun each morning. 

I didn't realize that sunflowers are like Poinsettias and that the yellow petals are actually leaves not the flower!  if you enlarge this picture you can see the little flowers and stamens.  Learned a lot by planting these flowers this year!  They attract beetles called assassin beetles that love squash bugs.  Horrible looking bugs but if they keep the squash free of creepy critters I am all for them.  
Well lots of things left to do today and I haven't even started to get them done.  Hope everyone has had a more productive day that I have...I laid a bed way too long today but good reason...I was crafting all night!!  Come check it out on WOYWW tomorrow!