Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 1 Beacon of Light

Last week I showed the warm up project from Lifebook 2015 week 1.  Tamara Laporte always does a lot the first week and it usually takes me a couple of weeks to get the first week done.  Week 1 this year even has more then in previous years.

In the introduction Tam gave a synopsis of the first is a lot!  
 1. An introductory video in which you get to meet myself and Gracie (please watch it, I go over some important Life Book related things).
2. A Guided Meditation (Releasing Fears/ Worries + Welcoming in the New)  
3. Art Bites for Newbies & Beginners
4. An introduction to Colour Theory  
5. A Warm Up Exercise  
6. A Main project (creating our Beacon of Light)

What I like best about Lifebook is that is more then a art course it is also using art to help you heal and find yourself.  Tam isn't a shrink or therapist so she warns you not to do the various projects if it might influence you negatively.   If you are interested in learning some art and having fun check it out at Lifebook 2015.   It is self paced and you can do as much or as little as you want to do.

Okay that said I would like to share the main lesson from week 1.  The Beacon of Light...
I really had some problems getting it to  photograph appropriately because of the shiny paints and glitter on her hair and dress.  

Making the head and face was really hard for me and it is a little off but hey I am new to this stuff and a work in progress as I like to say.  I love glitter and there is some glitter on the hair rays and on the left side of her dress.   I also used some Dylusions stamps on the background and Glossy Accents on the eyes and charms dangling from her hands.  I used mainly paints from Michaels, watercolor crayons and ink pads from Stampin' Up!, scrap papers from the bin.

Hope you like her!  If you like to see my warm up page see the previous post!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WOYWW, LifeBook, Art Journal Calendar Challenge

I decided to get a jump on WOYWW this week and I am doing my post at 7:30 pm on Tuesday night.  If I don't do it now I will probably forget and not get around to it again this week.  I don't know where the time goes!  If you want to find out what WOYWW is go visit Julia at Stamping Ground and she will fill you in about all that goes on! 

Here is a picture of my desk this week.  Not a lot going on right now because I am trying to keep it clean so I can get caught up with some of the classes and challenges I am going to try to do this year.
 My desk has a lot of fun things on it and my watercolor paper pad that I am starting a drawing on for Lifebook 2015.  The beginning of the month marked a new start to Lifebook called Lifebook 2015 with a host of new teachers and new things to learn.  If you haven't ever heard of Lifebook go check it out!  I have been a member of the Lifebook group since the first class started 3 years ago and even if I don't do each and every lesson I always learn a lot by watching the videos!  

This is the warm up lesson by Tamara Laporte and I had a lot of fun playing with paints, inks, and loads of other stuff making this painting in my book.  Tam always starts the first week off with a lot of videos and PDF so it takes a while to get through it.  The first lesson...a warm up
 The warm up was multi faceted to get you to think about what you want to do this year and get you in a frame of mind to get it done.  Tam does more then just teach art of paper and paint she is using art as a therapy to get you in touch with yourself.  We were to think of a special word or words and goals we wanted to achieve this year.  My words are take time, relax, be happy.  These are my goals for this year.  they are in the folded envelope on the piece.   I tend to over do with multimedia but I am a work in progress so that's okay!
The project on my desk is the second art part to the first week called "the Beacon of Light" that I will be working on later tonight. 

Another project I have been working on is for the Art Journal Calendar Challenge on Facebook.  The challenge group is headed by Kate Crane of The Kathryn Wheel blog.  I had seen loads of people doing this challenge each month and I decided I just had to give it a try myself. 
My very first art journal calendar but it won't be my last.   I am in kind of a dilemma though cause I like grunge and I like bright colors and I seem to be over doing things somewhat.  Oh well I am a work in progress and it will eventually iron itself out. 

I am bordering on a long post here and Julia likes them kept short and sweet so I am going to call a halt to this post.  Go check out the blogs and sites I linked here.  Lots of fun and lots of good things to learn and see.  Have a great week.

The first post of 2015!!

HD background Happy New Year 2015
I am alive and well but have just been busy with all sorts of things and not doing much in the way of crafting or blogging.    Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all my blogging friends!  Sorry I am so late and I promise to try and do better in 2015!