Wednesday, February 26, 2020

hellooooo..... WOYWW!

Trying to figure out if my brain is intentionally blocking the fact I have a blog and I don't get around to blogging anymore or what!  I look up and months have passed where I used to blog a couple times a week!  I am still alive and mostly well!  Just not blogging a lot!

I think I am going to post this on one of my favorite blogs today...since it is WOYWW!  Julia started WOYWW many years ago and I loved to participate but like all things Vickie now days I just haven't gotten around to it.  I blame all the above bitches on my anoxic brain injury from a couple years ago. My husband tells me it is a viable excuse cause my whole personality has times!

Speaking of husband...We went to dinner with the kids for Fat Tuesday last night!  Wish I could be in New Orleans but hey this was good too!

My desk is a mess cause I am in a sorting mood again!  I have to admit my intake far out paces my out go and I am beginning to look a bit like a hoarder after a fashion!  Nope...definite hoarder on board!  I told my husband if the apocalypse was to hit I am stocked up for a while!  The picture to the left is a photo of what you see entering the craft room and the one below is of my actual desk...

I decided to start putting things in these roll about carts so I can stuff them in the closet and it seems to have gotten out of control!  I like all the new widgets and gadgets!  I love all the new paint and color mediums and OMG!  I am an addict!  I wonder if there is an Crafters Anon out there!  I told my daughter if I was to die with all this mess I apologize but she should get in here and clean it out before her Father gives it away for nothing!

So that was my about a few cards I have been making...For Valentines Day I got into a swap to create "coins" and postcards...

The postcards are 4"x 6" and the coins are 2 1/2" in diameter.  

Cards I made with the ephemera from the Spellbinders card kit.  Since the anoxic brain issue I have problems thinking about what I want to make so the ephemera packs are awesome for me!

So that is enough for. today.  I hope everyone stays well and gets time to craft this coming week.  I am planning on trying to do more 'art'