Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WOYWW and some more photos from the trip

Happy Wednesday!  I am really glad to be able to join WOYWW this week.  We are still on the road but hopefully will be home sometime tomorrow!  Yay!  It has been an interesting few weeks!  What is  WOYWW?  Go check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground and she will give you the details.

Haven't really had a desk the past couple weeks due to all the traveling around we have done.   I did to do some crafting in Portland at the hotel there that I will share with you.  We were there 5 days and my desk was this little round table.  I painted these wooden easels and made the tags for a 12 Days of Christmas swap I am participating in on All Things Tattered and Timeworn.  The easels are meant to be used as telephone holders so if you call a friend to craft you can put it on the easel and have a hand free to grab your coffee and craft!
my desk...
my desk plus the sofa in the room...all crafty
I don't travel light.  My daughter gave me tons of stuff when I was visiting!
The easels I painted
the tags to go on the easels
Okay that was my desk and I will share a few more....cough, cough... pictures from the trip. I think my last post we were leaving my daughter's house heading north! It was beautiful seeing her again so soon.  I enjoyed the visit and wish it could have lasted longer but...

From Heather's house we headed north to Napa Valley and Sonoma and visited several wineries up there.

Castello di Amorosa

Chuck with a big olive tree behind him!

loved the view of the old rickety fence and grape vines at the Castello
Sterling winery in the background...good wine but very pricy both places.
The Bella Winery in Sonoma!  Fun place and good wine that is affordable!
huge olives on the olive trees at Bella Wine
this tree in the center is the tree that I took the picture of the big olives 

those are clumps of rosemary around the Bella sign...WOW!

a few grapes on the vine!

After we left Sonoma we headed north to Ukiah and a visit with Debbie and a visit to the Buddhist monastery... it is the City of 10,000 Buddhas that used to be a mental institution that was sold to this group.  It is now a monastery, temple, and schools.  Some pictures...
entrance gate that I borrowed from their web site


 Some pictures inside the temple!

a huge gold fish pond

mural on the wall

Chuck looking at the persimmon tree!
a friendly bird
At the corner of sincerity way and compassion way!
This is the house that is on the corner of Sincerity and Compassion Ways!  I was fascinated by it!

Vegetarian restaurant we ate at on the grounds of the 10,000 Buddhas campus.

I will post more trip pictures on another blog post...stay turned.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


WOW!  What a week so far!  I almost missed WOYWW this week...sorry I am so late but I did make it to the party!  We have been on the road since Oct. 23 and still have a couple weeks to go.  We are currently in Cloverdale, California and will be touring the wineries in Sonoma tomorrow. We toured several places in Napa Valley today and enjoyed visiting places we had been before.

Since last Wednesday we have been to Tucson AZ, the Grand Canyon, Tehatchapi, CA, Berkley, Oakland, and San Jose California where our daughter lives.  I have taken hundreds of pictures but will only post a few here.  Still no craft work or desk to share with you.  My daughter gave me a ton of new stuff and stamps when I visited with her so I will try and do something soon to share.

Okay a few photos...btw this is WOYWW and if you would like to see a few crafty desks link up with Julia at Stamping Ground!
Cactus in our friends yard!
Chuck and his friends and co-worker Bob and Bob's wife Kate.

We journeyed on to the Grand Canyon and Williams AZ for the night.

Rock formation at the Grand Canyon south rim.
Selfie with my DH!
Next stop was in Tehachapi CA and a visit with Chucks sister Joanne and her son and daughter in law.
me, Jon, Chuck, and his sister Joanne
Joanne, Jon, and Candy
A beautiful Rose hedge that bordered the road for over a half of a mile and ended in a palm tree cluster!

We continued north to the San Francisco Bay and and a Halloween party and fun visit with him in Oakland.  Our daughter moved to San Jose in June so it was fun to be able to spend time with her and her husband.  Heather has some beautiful flowers around her house.  Beautiful like she is.  Never get enough pictures of all over us together!  

 Okay enough for today.  Will try to post more tomorrow!  Have a great week.  If you visit my blog and leave a comment I will try and visit yours between now and next Wednesday!