Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WOYWW #352 and My Craft Room

  We have had a friend visiting from Mallorca the past couple of weeks and I was in my craft room when Alan decided he was going to video "my space" and then posted it on Facebook!!!  I have so much stuff that I am almost embarrassed to even share the video!  I figured that it would count as WOYWW submission and maybe I could get some help deciding what to do with it!  I have all sorts of organizational units and 'stuff' and know where just about everything is but...

   Does anyone have any good ideas on how to get rid of stuff and not just give it away?I could never pass by a pretty pack of paper... I must say I have no will power when it comes to pretty paper! 
My Craft room!
   I counted a total of 16--12"x12"x3" and 5--12"x12"x4" plastic paper boxes full of paper not to mention the Expedite that has about 6 storage cubes full. I HAVE A LOT OF PAPER.   A lot is Stampin' Up!, DCWV, Close to My Heart, etc etc etc. That is all prints and designer papers.   The file cabinet behind me in the video has 2 drawers full of every color of card stock Stampin' Up! made from 2006-07 till now! I hardly ever use any card stock that isn't Stampin'Up! except for the 12"x12" card stock stored in the Expedite. I think I can truthfully say I am a stamp and pretty paperaholic.... Need help!!! Don't call the Hoarder show cause it is all good stuff!  Maybe I will post it on here, Etsy, and on Ebay and see if I can't unload some of it.  I have been collecting and saving for years so I would imagine it will take more then a day to change it. 

I started doing some more Close to My Heart scrapbook pages but haven't put any pictures on them yet so will try to get some printed and post them next week.  

Hope everyone has a great week and thank you for visiting my blog!  I will try to make it around to more blogs this week since I am feeling better!  Another thing is the guys are out in California to see some drag racing even....peace and quiet!  They aren't bad I am just a snoop!