Wednesday, July 12, 2017

update and WOYWW

Hope everyone is having a great week.  I haven't been on the computer for one reason or another.  Really hasn't been on my list of things to get accomplished cause it hurts too bad to sit and think!
WOYWW friends I took a picture of my desk this week and as you can see nothing is being done at all...What is WOYWW?  check it out over at Julia's blog Stamping Ground and come play with us.
Okay my desk this week...
Not a lot to see just a few dies on magnetic few bling bits and that is about it.  I haven't made any new anything in 3 weeks.  I thought I would have the ATC done before going in the hospital happened but that was a no go!  Promise they are on my list of the first things to get done once I am better!

So what is going on with the this week?  Well I started having a lot of pain on Wednesday  night...That kind of pain that makes you moan and whine about everything!  I couldn't stand up without bladder emptying, forget passing gas, or even just sitting or lying down in one spot more then a minute or two at a time.  My doctor ordered an MRI of my back on Friday and then since it kept getting worse my dear hubby loaded me in the car and took me to the ER on Saturday.  They told me the MRI showed some abnormalities...could be blood, could be serous drainage, could be an infection so we drew lab and while my white count and CRP were elevated they would have been with just my having had surgery.  So 4 hours later and tons of drugs later...(none of which worked) they sent me home to follow up with my dr. Monday or Tuesday.  As luck would have it I had an appointment with the osteopedic surgeon about my knee on Monday so they check it all out.  I then was told I needed comeback the next day and see the neurosurgeon...

Turns out that this new procedure seems to have issues with serous drainage postop cause they peel muscle off bone etc.  The PA and Dr. said all the people having this procedure done from now one would have drains posted to prevent all the spasms etc...not much help for me right now given the word on new meds and how to take them so I came home and crashed for the day.  I am about to go back t bed cause I have another appointment tomorrow at 2pm!  Hope this gets better sooner then later.

Hope everyone has a great week and I will talk at you more next week...hope that I will feel better enough this week to make a few visits...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WOYWW and back surgery

Sorry I haven't been around or posted the past couple has not been a good time for me at all!  I had surgery on my spine last Monday week and I think I am getting better and something comes along to knock me down again.  Haven't been able to do much in the way of crafting and really haven't been on the computer much!
Here I am all decked out in the surgery garb prep...guess all the color coordination is on purpose to make you cheerful for the up coming event!

   My Cheering Squad whilst I was in the back...they tell me they actually had a good talk with the real Santa while I was under the knife...hmmm...wonder if they shared the drugs out there!

This next picture is post op...OMG!  Had I known that a MIDLIFF surgery was so painful I might not have had it done!  In layman terms it was a spinal fusion and laminectomy with screws and plates.  Evidently they had something go south with the drilling of the first screw and broke out the anterior portion of the vertebrae and had to drill another hole to put a screw and plate into...OMG!  I am not for sure if I ended up with 2 or 3 screws but according to the doctor he wasn't real happy with it all.  The nurses evidently screwed up and didn't give me the meds I was suppose to have gotten or the ice pack machine to my back or I really bruised something horribly.  The bed I am in here was faulty and the mattress ended up trashed after they took me out of it!!
The laminectomy and spinal fusion ended up encompassing the L3-4-5 Lumbar vertebrae!  OUCH!  Want to see the OP site  Not pretty...
 Could have been worse but...with ice packs and meds it might have been less!

I didn't get the swap ATC done before this happened so hopefully they will be done and in the mail this next week.  Take care and see you again soon with pictures of my desk!