Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WOYWW #382

Welcome to Wednesday!  I was watching TV and almost forgot what I was suppose to do today!  Today is the day we all gather round to hop around the world snooping into each others latest projects and what is on every ones desk.  Julia at Stamping Ground can fill you in on the details of WOYWW!

So here are a couple views of my desk today.  I have been working hard to try and keep it clean and tidy but I don't think I will ever see it happen…about the time I think I am on top of it I just go and mess it up.  This is my desk from last night…it is a mess.  I was watching the debate on Monday night when this project  started and the iPad was keeping me entertained.  
Here is my busy desk today.  I have been working on the Penelope kit from Close to My Heart.
 I really like the papers and the stamps but this kit was to be done using the Close to My Heart watercolors and I think I made a bigger mess then not and I am not really happy with the way the cards turned out!  Doesn't matter really by the time the cards are sent out no one will know what the original instruction pretties looked like!  I made a total of 8 cards…2 of 4 different designs.
 Next were some scrapbook pages that don't yet have the photos on them but will have after I go to the store and pick them up tomorrow.  This kit made all the  cards and the following 3 12x12" layouts.  I did have to use some card blanks but I still think all in all it was a pretty good buy for $25!  I still have a lot of washi tape, ephemera, and bling left over so I might make a couple more pages!

I hope all my friends overseas that are following the recent political race here in the US forgives some of the idiocy that is going on right now.  I was so embarrassed at how Donald Trump was accusing this or that country of various things during the debate Monday night.  I have already voted by absentee ballot so I was just watching for the heck of it and my mind wouldn't have been changed in anyway.

Hope everyone has a great week and I promise to try and get to all the blogs but will definitely make it to those that come and visit me!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WOYWW #381…

After reading  Julia's post last week I decided to go back and see when the first WOYWW was that I posted…Wednesday January 12, 2011 and it was WOYWW #84!  Lots of time and water under the bridge.  I used to never miss a week but this year due to illness and other issues I missed more then I wanted to.  I am back now and haven't missed a Wednesday in several weeks.  What is WOYWW?  Click THIS link and it will take you to all the info you need to play!

My desk this week is a mess!  I have been sorting some more and crafting even more.
 Told you it is a mess…I purposefully didn't show the closet behind the desk…I think my Mom used to call it Fibber McGee's closet when I was a kid because so much was hidden and piled high in it.  I used to fib saying I didn't put it in there!
The other desk is a little better.  I have straightened it up after crafting the calendars...the stack in the bottom right is the calendars I have been making for a swap.
Here they are all laid out side by side…twelve 6"x6" cards for the month of July!  They all look the same and yet different.  I had a bunch of BoBunny(4th of July papers) and Authentique (Pride papers and stickers) from bygone years and as I got into crafting the calendars they took on a life of their own and started changing.  What to do? I just gave up the fight and I just went with the flow…

Another project this week was a pumpkin fairy house for some of my fall decor…
Started out with this resin pumpkin and a bunch of fall stuff.  I bought some fairies, a black cat, and an old tree stump made of resin to sit in the pumpkin.  I found these small lights on Amazon and used them to light the interior.
 A little blurry because of the light…so I adjusted the lights and turned the overheads off.
I think it makes a cute scene for the fall holidays.  I had a friend tell me that she thought fairies were suppose to be like small angels…ugh…don't think so.  Closer to demons.

Okay done deal.  I am going to get off the computer and get some stuff done around here before I go to bed.  Hope everyone has a great week.  I didn't make it around to every desk last week because of having too many doctors appointments and other issues but if you visit me I will visit you!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Wednesday really seemed to roll around fast this week!  Must be because I have been busy with doctors appointments, lots of crafting, and fun stuff around the house.  Oklahoma is known for severe weather and tornadoes but this past Sunday we had a 5.8 earthquake with the epicenter about 100+ miles north of where I live…close to where Deeyl lives near Pawnee OK.  We are all okay but the environment protection agency has stepped in and forced the Indians to stop allowing fracking and waste water well injection into a new fault line that has developed up there.   It is not a good deal so if you hear the Indians are on the warpath in Oklahoma it is probably a true story.

I have been having a lot of fun making stuff the past week.  I posted about some layouts and cards I made just before this post.  I also posted about some tags and ATC's for a swap on Yahoo groups.  I started a box/basket of projects I need to get finished so will be posting more later.  On to my desk!  Why are we posting about our desks?  Go check out Julia at Stamping Ground cause she has the details ready and waiting under the WOYWW tab...

My desk this week…It is actually a little neater as I continue to organize and sort stuff out.  I am sorting through boxes of 6x6" recipe cards, various cards, chipboard books etc.  I have decided to get rid of a lot of stuff so I can have room for the new I am making.
 The big picture of at the desks and boxes…it was a mess when I took this picture but it is all picked up now.   I was at coffee the other day talking with a friend about all my craft stuff and how overwhelmed I sometimes feel.  I have always felt I wanted/needed my stuff right at my finger tips but now I am not feeling that need anymore to the point it is an issue.  I think one of my first changes is the reorganization of past projects like cards, ATC etc.  Donating all the cards to either a nursing home or to the organization that sends them over to deployed servicemen to use to send home is a good option.
 One of the 3 boxes of cards I have made.  Some are so old the glue has started to let loose so I am gluing as I go along.  They are still in new shape just sat too long.  I think I am going to make it a policy to give away the cards as I go along and not hoard them!
The clear box to the left is a box of 6"x6" recipe cards that I made for card swaps when I first started doing paper crafts.  I think I will make up recipe books for the kids for Christmas this year and give some of the others away to good homes.

I think my next project for organization is my dies and cutting machines.  I have physically relocated the machines for easier access but need some system to store some of the dies and stamp sets together.  Stay tuned I am a work in progress!

That's about all I have to report for this past week.  I hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

CTMH Charlotte Layout and Card Kit

another productive evening…I just finished up a kit I started back in February!  I thought that I had finished the layouts I wrote about in my WOYWW post Feb 4th but found a lot needed to be done to finish them and then I made 10 cards from the left overs…
I need to get some pictures printed and start putting these pages in to some sort of grouping/albums.  I have a box full of finished 12x12 in layout pages finished and no pictures on them.
I don't really like the way these pages came out color wise but I couldn't seem to get them to color coordinate…they were all cut from the same print stock so lighting and my camera are an issue here!  

 CTMH came out with a new deal in this group of workshops on the go…they didn't include the stamp set in the kit.  You could have made it without the stamp set but… I guess that was a cost containment motivation.
I always like that all the CTMH kits come with 3 layout pages and now they have card kits included right in some of the kits…  You have to go online to print off the directions now too but I am good with that too!  
Okay!  Done deal…back to the need to finish box for another project to finish!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

it has been a productive weekend!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday of this past week and was talked into having a steroid injection done in my left knee…the knee I broke this past Christmas morning…  I know how to do things up right is a sure think!!!  Anyway I had the injection and was amazed at how I actually didn't even feel the needle puncture my skin and secondly how fast the darn thing worked!  I walked out of the office a changed woman and I have been happily crafting ever since then.

What have I made?  Well first off I signed up for a tag swap on creativeblock-Stampers Anonymous a Yahoo Group.  I made these using mostly Ranger Ink and Stampers Anonymous products.  Ranger #8 manilla tags, various Ranger/Tim Holtz distress inks, stencils, dies, stamps, Stampin Up! Spooky Fun, Stampin Up! card stock.  I used a Martha Stewart punch for the spider and some sparkly hearts to make the hourglass!  Stampin Up! ribbon!
 Then the second thing I made was some ATC's for and Altered Tattered and Timeworn swap called WICKED.  Each tag could be the same or different but each one had to have a letter on it that spelled out WICKED!  Yes!  So much fun making these.  I used a new stamp set from Stampin'Up! called Jar of Haunts.  I stamped the jars and then used the other stamps to fill them up!  The inks are a combination of Stampin Up! and Ranger Distress Inks.  The colors I used to color in the jars are all Stampin Up! markers, Tim Holtz stencils, Spectrum Noir glitter pens, and the twine and stickers are just some I had in my stash!
 I was only suppose to make one set of 6 but ended up making two additional sets so I could make a couple Halloween Pocket Letters with them.  I had never heard of Pocket Letters until I logged on to WOYWW a few weeks ago and Nikki from Graphix and Designs was talking about PL…huh?  So I looked up Pocket Letters and decided to give it a try!  Woot!  Talk about having a lot of fun!  I think I am going to have to make some more!
Here are all of the ATC's and as you can see the two Pocket Letter pages are in 8 1/2"x11" baseball card pages/sleeves.  According to Jannete Lane Pocket Letters are a fun way to send snail mail to friends and family.  Check out her site and have some fun!
Okay I am off of here and going to go find something else to work on while my knee allows me to sit pain free…It is amazing what a little jab will do!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

WOYWW and another card

I have actually been busy this week doing some more straightening in my crafty room and getting things together for some swaps I have signed up for.  I mailed off a couple cards yesterday and you can see the first card here that I made for a friend whose Mom had passed and a second card here that was also to a friend who is in the hospital.  I am sure they will enjoy them!  I think we all love getting snail mail now days.

Okay on to what we are here for today…WOYWW!  What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday founded by Julia at Stamping Ground is a fun place to go and hop around and see other bloggers desks and what they are up to.  Check it out and if you want to come play click the link and she will tell you how!

My desk today!
 I got a new stamp set and die set in the mail yesterday from Stamps of Life.  It is a monthly stamp club that I have belonged to for a long, long, long time and I love their clear acrylic stamps and thin dies but I haven't been so good at using them of late and I am seriously thinking about quitting the club.  I am turning over a new leaf…If I am not using it I am not buying it!! 
The over all picture…I am standing in the door way looking it…no wonder my husband thinks it is such a mess.  I am just happy you can't see all the trash on the floor.

I have been busy working at my desks and paper bits tend to not hit the trash as I toss them in the general direction.  I really think someone could make a killing if they had a trashcan that just jumped up and grabbed the bits as you tossed them in the general direction!!

Today I am working on cards again for a swap on a Yahoo group called ATT-Altered Tattered and Timeworn.  This card is kinda funky and fun!
Front of the card
Inside of the card

This card was made using the Tim Holtz Travelways stamps, washi tape, and an ideology clip.  The background paper is from DCWV.  I pulled the pearls and rest of the washi out of stash.  Cardstock is from Stampin UP! and Distress Inks from Ranger Ink.  Card blank from the drawer…gonna use it all up eventually!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

#2 card today!

My, my, my am I being an over achiever today or what!!  My second card is going to an online friend that is in the hospital today.  I really feel sorry for having to go to the hospital when the weather is so nice and you want to be out and about.  I also feel really sorry for her cause I know what it is like to be sick!  Hope she is doing better again soon!

My 2nd card of the day…

This is another NBUS, Never Before Used Stuff, entry this week.  Darnell has had several of these in the past but this is the first time I have actually ever played along.

I am using never before used Prima papers and nubs washi tapes on this card.  I decided I was going to keep the front of the card stamp free because of all the awesome print words etc.  Flowers are from my stash as is the washi tapes.  I used a 5-1/2" square card blank and the card stock is Stampin'Up!

I am planning on starting some Halloween tags and cards soon so keep checking to see the new stuff I am making!


I have been busy today!  I answered a call for sharing with a couple online friends.  Ones mother had died this past week so we were all going to make and send her cards this week.  Here is the card I made!

I used a 5-1/2" precut square card for the base.  The striped paper is from Prima as are the flowers.  The stamp set was a retired Stampin Up! set from 1999 called Gentle Thoughts.  I used Stampin' Up! pencils to color the images, Spectrum Noir glitter brushes to highlight and add sparkle to the flowers in the stamped image.  The pink, brown, and cream colored card stock is from Stampin'Up!  I don't know where the twine, lace, or pears came from…just out of my stash.

I am working on another card and will post it as soon as I get it done!

I think I will play a long on the NBUS (Never Been Used Stuff) over on Darnell's blog…dkcreations.  Go check it out!