Thursday, July 16, 2015

It has been awhile...

I have had an interesting spring and summer so far and hope that it will get settled in, straightened around, and figured out shortly.  First and for most I have not been feeling well for a really long period of time and would just defer to not posting because "I got all time time in the world to do so!"  After reading about a friend on WOYWW passing this past week it brings it home that none of us have all the time in the world and we all need to keep in touch to make sure that we can live that life to the fullest.  2.  I have not been very productive, creative, or whatever you want to call it so I haven't been doing much of anything to share of a crafty nature.  I really miss it too because it anchors me to who I am in a world that is constantly changing for me. 

As most everyone knows I have a lot of health issues and it seems that I can't seem to get on top of the issues so I choose to lay down and do nothing.  After a while everything seems to be put on hold and I just sit around moaning for bygone days.  Before I get too maudlin I just want you to know that I am okay but just keep having one flare up after another with the autoimmune disorders and it tends to effect me mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I am my worse enemy with this shut downs.  I don't have an original thought and can't seem to focus long enough to stick with even making a card or tag.  A really sad state for me. 

After reading about Eliza's passing this week I have decided to make an effort to blog and interact more.  I know that it makes me feel better when I do so here is the start... Thanks Julia for commenting on something on Facebook that reminded me I need to start back doing WOYWW... For those who don't know what WOYWW is check it out here...Now my desk...
Not a lot to look at in progress at this time on the work desk.  I have been doing a few things but not a lot.

Heather convinced me a back in April that I needed to start doing matter what it was and to use my art to help me feel better.   Heather bought some kits from Close to my Heart, a scrapbooking/stamping group that she sells for and told me that I should try and make them and I could pay her back as I used the kits.  The first kit I made was a card kit called Blossom that I finished and put on my blog back in April.   My second kit was another card kit called Pathfinding.  I like these card kits because they come with enough stuff to make 15 cards and have a little left over that you could actually make 5 or so more with your own card blanks.  Kits run $25-30.  I don't know where you can get 15 cards for $25 now days. 
 The next kit I played with was scrapbooking...hey if cards were that much fun then I thought I would work on this and get some of the pictures booked.  This kit is called Jackson and you get to make two 2 page layouts with product left over.  I have been looking for some pictures to put on these layouts but can't find the ones I want just yet.

And this last kit I made is called Pathfinding like the autumnal cards above... I  used the pictures from last Thanksgiving when we made the trip to Virginia Beach, VA to celebrate with Chad and his family. 

I used to scrapbook all the time and got out of the habit doing multimedia and painting stuff.  I need to figure out a way to incorporate them into similar projects. 

So that is truthfully all I have done since my last post.  I promise to keep in better contact and up date my blog a little more faithfully.   Think of Eliza again I want to leave you with a couple pictures of my kitties.  I so enjoyed reading about Eliza's cat Yoda and how he was doing after being so ill! My girls and my second desk...
The old sweet miss skiddy!

you would think these two hate one another then I catch them holding paws.  So cute.  Stormy is the strippy kitty and Ghostie is the baby.
Everyone have a great week!