Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I missed last week due to being under the weather again and was unable to comment on all of the posts from the week before.  I am sorry and will try to do better this week cause I really enjoy snooping around and seeing what everyone is up to.  I has been a couple of weeks of turmoil here in the USA getting used to the new President and his cabinet...don't know if I ever will be able to under stand how he got elected.   Already lawsuits and threats of impeachment abound...scary times.

My desk this week...definitely a mess!  I started making the card you see standing up in the center of the mess and needed some particular part for the card and as I moved stuff around and started digging through stuff it started looking pretty sad on my desk!  I don't understand how that happens...later today I will try and get it cleaned up a bit!

 I have been having some fun making cards this past week... they are all going to swaps and it is always fun to find out who they go to after I make them...

a z fold card I made using some old dictionary and valentine papers.
inside card
Thank you card...
 I had never made a shaker card before so I tried my luck making a child's birthday card.  The second picture shows the 'shaker' stuff of sequins, and small bits I used in the card.

inside the card
Next card was to be a missing you card but in all my stamps I couldn't find a single stamp that said missing you!  This is the closest I came!
inside of the missing you card

An anything goes Valentines card!

 A card that has Heart or Love on it...
 A card using paint chips from the store...  I couldn't find a stamp for the sentiments on the hearts so I hand wrote them and my handwriting isn't as good as what it used to be.
 A card made using an altered dictionary paper!
 I had a lot of fun with cards this past week and plan on making more soon.

If you are wondering what this post is and what I am talking about? Check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground and read the details on how to play along with us!


  1. Good to see you playing along. I missed last week also, another funeral. We've had 7 in 6 wks. I love all the cards you have shared. Especially the kids shaker card, have been gonna try one. Just happy to see I'm not the only one ending up with a 12x12 space to create..Enjoy a good week.

  2. Happy WOYWW. Hope you are feeling stronger this week. So many lovely cards. I have given in recently and 'bought' cards (and via an online store too!|). Been too involved with Life Book to want to spend time on cardmarking. Politics in the UK are worrying too - I often avoid watching the news. Ali x #29

  3. Hi Vickie. What a busy bee you have been. Some great cards there - a ready stash for birthdays and specials as and when you need them!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  4. What amazing cards you're sharing this week. Please don't be sorry for a messy don't find many tidy desks when they are as busy as yours.
    Hope you have a fab week.
    Annie x #16

  5. Lovely makes! I really like the Thank You card and the one on the dictionary paper! Happy Wednesday! zsuzsa #30

  6. Oh my you have been so busy! What a whirlwind of colourful makes you have created! That's more than enough to cheer up everyone! Hope that you are on the mend by now and don't worry about Mr.Trump, there are lots of surprise changes going on in the world at this time. Things will be sorted in time but not through worry. Happy WOYWW! Anne #10

  7. Hey Vickie,

    I have been thinking about patriotism and nationalism about religion and politics, and for me - I realise it is important to respect the role of politics in maintaining global peace, we must find public and private ways to talk, despite our vast differences and conflicting interests, finding ways to rub up next to each other without wanting to destroy what is different. BUT if politics seeks to bully, to exclude, to favour and disadvantage, to be divisive in its nature, and if it fails to respect the rule of law and those trusted to deliver justice, then each of us must speak up for what we believe in and not leave it to those institutions that can, at times, fail us... troubling times indeed, I do hope my children, theirs and those that follow, can experience an inclusive tolerant world...the desk, by the way, remains as alway: fabulous Dxxx #31

  8. okay, I think your desk wins, but how much beauty has come from that mess, awesome cards, happy WOYWW Vicky

  9. All your cards are great! Don't clean your desk too much, eh?! All the best - EmbroidRage #8 (was Lucy/Catlovesbear) x

  10. Beautiful pieces of creativity, Vicky. I hope this post finds you feeling better. and I agree with Vicky Fisher. So much beauty. who cares about the mess... it's the end result that counts. I'm with you on the new president front. I just hope for the best and prepare for whatever comes. Hugs and Creative Blessings! Kelly #35

  11. Sorry to hear you were poorly. It seems to be going around. You've been busy with the card making. Love the shaker card. Those are really fun to make! I did some at Christmas and got totally carried away lol.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #39

  12. I'm hoping that you're starting to feel a bit better now Vickie - goodness, there's been so many people poorly recently. You've made good use of your time anyhow - your desk is magnificently messy (!!) and I love that z-card, so gorgeous!! Hope you continue to feel better and craft loads :-D
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xxxx

  13. Wow if you make that many cards when you have been ill , goodness know how many you will make when 100%! Hope you are feeling much better. Your cards are lovely. Soojay 44

  14. good to see you again, and how busy you have been - what a fabulous variety of gorgeous cards! thanks for stopping by. Helen #1

  15. Super romantic, fun cards. Gosh it must be difficult living in the US these days. We get to watch on TV and that is bad enough, pales our Brexit into insignificance really. BJ#9

  16. What a beautiful set of cards. You have been exceedingly busy!
    Have a good week
    Christine #24

  17. Wow! that's a lovely lot of cards, and a very fun-looking desk :o) Have a great week!! Annie C #19

  18. Well I can see why your desk gets do so much to your cards, extras and insider bits too, more than one or two stamps...they're all lovely and totally worth the desk tidy up you think it needs!

  19. Wow! so many gorgeous cards. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 20

  20. Great cards! I especially like the Shaker card and the cactus card! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #45

  21. Love the card display! and all the excitement on your desk. Hanging there- speak your own truth and remember - art heals!
    Robyn 3

  22. Stunning collection of cards and beautiful variety of colours and themes. We live in a very interesting time.
    sandra de

  23. We are truly going through a very Stormy situation in our country these days. I continue to pray for wisdom, peace and understanding between all parties. Anyway, sorry you've been under the weather, but I think there's something going around nation wide. (The stress of our political situation probably doesn't help.) However, I'm glad you've had time to create all these gorgeous cards. The z fold and the paint chip cards are my favorite. Happy WOYWW!

  24. Looking for some new crafty posts. We will have to have a girls tea soon.

  25. Great creativity and projects, thanks for your visit to mine

    Belated Happy WOYWW



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