Sunday, March 9, 2014

Latest endeavors from the room of stash

I can't remember if I told you I teach classes at Scrap That a scrapbook store in Norman, Oklahoma.   Terri the owner decided she would like every instructor and every employee to make a "portrait" of sorts to put up in the store using products from the store.  I am the only multimedia instructor...if you will that is a loose way to say I have no limits or bound to what I will use in my creations.   I love to stamp, I love to paint, I love to play with paper, stencils, pens and inks.   Needless to say sometimes my 'creations' become works of art and other times pieces of crap that are only fit for the can but...I try.  Here is the canvas I made and turned in to be put on the wall of infamy...

Its got the multimedia down...all the paint, stamps, stencils, sparkles, flowers, ephemera etc etc etc.  I don't look like that of course but the canvas is definitely me....  what do you think?  Should I bring it home when they are done with it or leave it for the can?  I actually kind of like it!


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    1. I have had purple hair about a year and a half now. It used to be just streaked with purple but after paying $85 for the streaks I decided to do it all for me and no one ever forgets me. Went into a restaurant here in town so many times and ordered coffee and water that now they just bring it to me with the menu!!

  2. Not like you!!! I think it's very you, including your fabulous hair! Elizabeth xx


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