Monday, December 27, 2010

Hobby Hill House March 2010

I was looking back through the posts for this year and realized I had totally missed a really important (to me)event this year. This was my third trip to Hobby Hill House in Bowie Texas. Our first visit was in May 2009 and the group was so enamored of the retreat that we all wanted to move in and stay. Cindy, the owner, knew we wanted to come back asap so she called Leslie and told her that she had an opening in August would we like it well...hell yes so we went back!

The third visit this past March was like coming home! We all had our beds and our tables and everyone was out to have a rip roaring good time. Cindy and Sandy out did themselves with hospitality and we had a blast.
Last winter and spring was snowy around here and the Saturday morning at HHH saw a snow storm roll in and we were all despairing of ever getting out of HHH...NOT!!

The cardinals are a little blurry but I wanted to post this picture anyway. HHH has tons of birds!The Swimming pool still looks welcoming even though it was only in the 20's on this day. The big barn is another cropping room and the smaller barn is Cindy and her husbands private quarters. The house is huge with 4 large bedrooms but they usually have all the rooms full of croppers in bunk beds!

On our last night there we always get together and have a dirty cropper swap and take a group picture. In this picture we all were showing off the frames we made. Fuzz brought the frames and all the stuff that we needed to decorate them.
sitting: Cindy, Fuzz(Stephanie), Shakira(Debbi)
Middle row: Deb, Leslie Jamie, Nita
back row: Kelly, Stacy, Nancy, Vickie(me)

Here is a picture of all our frames sitting on a shelf in the crop room. I was impressed how everyone got busy and made the frames up even though some got out of there crafting feel good zone. It was fun.

I really liked the way my frame turned out. Here is an up close of the upper corners. Nice. I love those colors together!

I am glad I found out that I hadn't posted about the third visit before the year had ended. I didn't post much past June of last year so missed posting on the second trip. I love the retreats mostly because of people that go and the rejuvenation I get from it!

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