Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WOYWW #266

WOW what a week!  Weather has been really weird and cool for Oklahoma in July.  Normally it is in the upper 90's (30's) but the weather turned off cool running in the mid 70's(upper20's).  My pool is cooled off a bit but the weather turned off hot again Monday so it won' to take it long to heat up again. 
The garden is still going strong but we have picked the last of the corn and had our first cantaloupe yesterday!   I have been fairly busy all week but have taken some time to do my art!   

This week I am going to show you a picture of my creative little spot in my daughter Heather huge crafty area!   One of these days I will have to take some picture and show you her space!   Anyway here is a picture of me working at her house this week.  
I am working on the week 30 project from LifeBook 2014 called Sacred Inner Eye which is an awesome affirmation painting!   The whole painting is curling and I don't know how to make it stop.  Maybe after it dries a few days I can weigh it down.  Any suggestions?
Here are some close ups!  

The eye...I am really happy with it!   It is really sparkling!  
The positive affirmations!  I life LifeBook 2014 because it is a lot more then just a drawing class and I am learning more about myself while doing my art!   
Thought I would leave you with a couple garden pictures!   Enjoy!
Last of the sunflowers!

Okay that's it for me!  Go check out Stamping Ground and Julia will tell you how you can show off your desk and the works you are doing!   Have a great week and stay cool! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SOC 4 week 6

  I seem to be having troubles with my blog posts that I have scheduled.  This one got lost somewhere so I am having to rewrite it... Thanks Kristin for letting me know!

My Summer of Color 4 week 6 project was a lot of fun to do.  Kristin gave us the color challenge this week of Raspberry, Tangerine, and pop of yellow.  Go check out Twinkle Twinkle Like a Star for deets.
Hmmm...says I once again not some of my favorite colors and all that kept going through my brain was Raspberry beret and raspberry I painted raspberry lemonade whilst the music of Prince's Raspberry Beret played in my brain...(took me days to get it out and I think I just let it back in...)
Raspberry Lemonade
Not a super good picture but it is the best I can do right now!  It is a little more orangey then I wanted but I am really happy at how well it has turned out.  I love the way the textured leaves pop out at you and I pop dotted a lemon drawing on the top of the picture to give it some more depth!  Unfortunately you can't see the shimmery effect the Silks from Luminarte gives the picture! 

I have had so much fun with the weekly challenges that I think I am going to have to find some challenge blog to keep stimulating me like this has.  Any good ideas? 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WOYWW and SOC 4 Week 5

WOW I totally missed out on WOYWW last week!  Don't ask me how or why cause I really don't have an answer to that question just that it was Tuesday and I was thinking about doing my post and went outside to take some pictures of my garden and got totally sidetracked and when I next realized it was July 4th and so much going on I told myself I was just too late last week to post!!!  So on to this week...I am going to work hard at staying focused and getting this published before I forget again.  Go to Stamping Ground and Julia will fill you in on the deet's about posting your desk each week...

My desks this week....
Main desk...sans cat...Don't know what happened cause Stormy Kitty never misses a photo shoot!
staging desk...I am working on Summer of Color week 5
Finished Summer of Color 4 week 5 project!
The prompt this week was to use these colors:
Red, blue and light blue
I was going to paint something but decided I was really liking paper arts this week so I made a journal page using some of the stash I have.  I made the tags to stuff in the pocket that I can use to journal on or hey even just leave blank.  I may take this idea and made a couple scrapbook pages for the grand daughters to scrap their 4th of July photos!

Paper and card from Close to My Heart, punch from Martha, the stencils etc are from the stash and not in packaging so I have no idea who their makers are!!!

Okay the rest of the post is very picture intensive but everyone has been asking about the garden...
Last week I didn't get the pictures of the garden taken before we harvested the cabbage but I got pictures after the fact...there were a total of 8 cabbages but we have already eaten 2 of the smaller ones. Coleslaw and fried cabbage are staples here in the south!

Lots of tomatoes and green beans last week also! 
A mammoth Sunflower!!!  The head is about the size of a large dinner plate and the leaves could be used as umbrellas!
 We harvested a lot of corn yesterday.  I ended up with 7 bags of 4 ears to put in the freezer for winter nomming and there is probably more then that left to be picked! 
Had Chuck to stop the harvesting long enough to get a picture...

The corn harvest... to give you some idea of the size of the ears I stuck my finger in there...

Under the corn plants you can see a lot of vine...that is our two watermelon plants and a free start cantaloupe that I have no idea where it came from.  Good serendipity though cause it has 2 melons on the vine!
The giant sunflower from last week.  I think this plant got at least 14 feet tall before it drooped over.  There are at least a couple pounds of sunflower kernel's to be had here!

Decided to try growing different varieties of tomatoes this year.    The green ones on the left grow huge!   The birds seem to love to peck on these purple ones and they are a heritage tomato so they are subject to wilt and other issues we have in this heat!

Thought I would try some small yellow tomatoes and small red tomatoes that look like Roma's but much sweeter and juicier!

Yesterdays Harvest!!!
 thought I would leave you with this shot of the yard.  We are spending a lot of time around the pool right now.  The water temp is about 88f/32c but the outside heat is over 95f/36c most days...Ugh!  Summer in Oklahoma.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 4 of the Summer of Color 4 challenge is pink, lime green and a pop of dark green.   Nope not exactly my favorite colors but I did the best I could!!

I used Dylusions Bubblegum Pink as my base then used a Dylusions leaf stencil for the small border leaves, a Studio 490 for the big leaves and it just started to roll on from there.  
 I guess you could say I went on a Dylusions binge because all the stamps used on this page are from the Dylusions line from Ranger Ink.  I decided to do some collage with the papers before I decided to stamp.  I added a few words as filler because I was thinking about what a good life mate I have and these are words that I feel for him!  I sometimes don't tell him what I am feeling so I was thinking I needed to at the time I was playing with the inks.   Isn't it funny what your brain does for you!!

Guess I will post this so I make the deadline this week!  Hope everyone has a great week.  Looking forward to hearing what the new colors are tomorrow! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WOYWW #264

It has been an interesting week since I last posted.  I haven't gotten a lot done that you can physically see or touch in my craft room but I did take some time to do some crafting and reorganizing.  I have a lot of my stamps in that big 3 drawer file cabinet that is next to the window and I have been trying to find a way to put them in the computer so I will know what is what.  It is going to be an ongoing process to say the least....probably weeks if not months to get them all cataloged. 

Our friend of 45 years Alan Moller passed away last week and the services were Monday in Ft. Worth, TX so we drove down to pay last respects.  Al was only 64 but had suffered with Alzheimer's disease for the past 5 years become more and more physically and mentally debilitated over the time.  Sad days...

My desks...
I took a couple pictures of my desks but when I put them on the computer I didn't like any of them so I retook them...Funny that the computer has the original desk picture on the screen when I retook the shot.  As you can see Miss Stormy has decided that spot is hers and hers alone to the point she is hissing and slapping at the other cats that try to get up on the desk.  Ghost the white cat has pretty much vacated any desk sitting today because of Stormy's nasty disposition regarding the space. 
 The work desk here has been seeing some action this week.  I wrote a blog post over the week end for the SOC 4 week 2 project that I made.  Click on the link or scroll back to see the previous post about what I made. 
I started a painting but became dissatisfied with it and put it off to the side but decided to go ahead and finish it anyway.  I am my worse critic and I like some parts of it and I will just live with the rest.  I was trying for a whimsical face but it seems all out of proportion and not colored right...any suggestions?
 Well that's it for me today.  I need to head to bed so I can be up bright and early for my day of appointments.  Going to get a repeat followup mammogram done at 11:15 then a visit with a new therapist at 2 pm.  I always dread these things but...what can you do!  Getting old is not for the faint of heart!!

If you would like to know whats going on about these desk shots go visit with Julia at Stamping Ground and look over in the upper left for all the information you need to come play with us.     

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer of Color Week 2 and NBUS #1

Well it has taken me almost a week to finally complete something for the SOC 4 (Summer of Color) challenge and I think I am going to use it for the NBUS (never been used schtuff) challenge since everything on it is something I have had but never used.  I have listed buttons on the right side bar for both challenges if you are interested in coming along and playing the challenges game or just checking out some of the other players.  I do it cause I need something to get me motivated and the people I play along with are awesome!

The color prompt from Summer of Color this week was...
Coral & Teal 
with a Smudge, Splash or Pop of Bright White

NBUS was to be loosely tied to friendship and my daughter Heather and I spend a lot of time crafting together and she is one of my best if not best friends ever.  Heather and I love to spend time by the sea.

I tried to paint something, draw something, etc. and finally fell back on Graphic 45 By the Sea papers and stuff I had in my stash that I have never played with before. It was really hard to get both a true color and a sharp picture so I decided to go with a sharper picture!  When I held all the embellishments up to the block I had painted teal blue they matched and now some look too blue or too orange....OMG!  Any way here is my creation...hope you like it.

right side


left side

What is is made of you ask...well my son-in-law was cutting up some 2"x 4" boards one day and there were 6" long pieces left over so I glommed onto them cause I knew I could use them some day on something fun.  The designer paper from G-45, some stickers from K&Company, real sea shells, Spectrum Noir pens for coloring, glitter glue, and some embellishments from the stash.  I have had the eyelash yarn forever and have no idea who it is produced by!  The cabinet knob on top is from Michaels and a real find for $.06 each! 

Come check out both challenges and play along.  It is a lot of fun! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WOYWW #263

Yay!  Glad to see the post up and Julia is back in the saddle heading up this group of work desk snoops!  I think all of us were a little worried last week when our fearless leader didn't post, and didn't post, and didn't post.... Hat tip and a big thanks goes out to LLJ for filling us in on the details of where she was.  If you would like to see Julia's desk this week and join us all in WOYWW go to Stamping Ground and follow the directions you will find there.

My desk this week isn't much changed over last weeks but I have been doing some crafting and a lot of craft room/studio work.  I was foolish to think that I would have the room moved in a couple weeks and I am now hoping that I will have it up and running by the end of July!

Here is my desk/workspace.  I now have a lot of space to cut, design, and implement the things I want to make.  Better then the 12x12" I was working in on the old desk...

Old desk....
now I have three areas I can work from...Stormy has taken up residence in front of the computer.  See the boxes under the desks?  Those contain different holiday and seasonal papers!!!  I won't be buying holiday paper this year.
looking into the evolving mess called crafty goodness!  Middle desk is made up of 3 file cabinets with a board. 
Do you think this is enough paper...nah I got more.  These boxes contain all my Graphic 45 and designer papers by subject.  No I don't think I will be buying more paper in the near future.  Some of this has to go as I am feeling very overwhelmed by it all!  You can see more card behind the boxes.  6 of the Expedit cubes hold paper and 6 hold cutting dies and embossing folders. 
New button chest...I have had this metal chest for a long time and decided to put all my buttons in it by was fun separating them!
new Big Shot pro cutting area and the new ribbon clip it ups I put up to store ribbon in.  My other way was great but difficult to remove rolls from the rack or to cut without unrolling more then one roll.  
I have way too much of everything and yes I see more everyday on the Internet that I would love to have but my daughter and I have decided that this month we aren't buying anything new and will try to not by for as long as we can make it another month.   As I go through and sort stuff I wonder what I was thinking buying so much stuff...I know there was a good reason but I am embarrassed!

No time for crafty goods this week but plan on going to Heathers house tomorrow night to do some art.  I will post it when it is done.  Have a great week.