Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stamp Club October 2010 Coffee Filter Fun!

A couple of months ago a friend of mine asked me about doing a Stamp Club and offered to host it at her house. It was to be a group of selected women that had like interests and interacted well together. The first group that got together had so much fun in October and that we decided this was something we just had to keep on doing each month!

The first stamp club was very ambitious with Heather and I showing the group examples of what we had seen made down in Ft. Worth when we went to the Stampin Up! Regional meeting. We were so pumped up about all that we had learned and we had talked so much about the WOW that we had seen that everyone decided to make that project. It was a picture frame, card, and pumpkin that used coffee filters as the focus of each of the three items. We didn't have a tutorial when we started but shortly before the club the Stampin Up! demo that created the set had had so many requests for a tutorial that she put one on the web for anyone who wanted to use it.

A cheap wooden frame from Wally World is the base of the first project. We first inked and stamped the coffee filters then using Mod Podged we adhered the filters to the frame. We cut out leaves with the Big Shot and leaf die from Stamping Up! and adhered them to the frame where the coffee filters over lapped and it was noticeable. My frame turned out a little darker than some of the others but each one was so individualized that there weren't any 'wrong' ways to make them. Due to the shininess of the mod podge it was difficult to get a good picture with light and subsequently the picture is a little dark also!

The pumpkin was fun to create too! A large coffee filter was colored with ink and stamped with a patterned stamp from Stampin Up! then a drawstring was slipped along the top and it was drawn up and stuffed with fiber fill. The leaves were colored and stamped then cut out with the Big Shot and leaf die. We glued the leaves on with 3 and 1 glue and I think if I was to make them again I would use a hot glue gun. The stem here is rolled up card stock but you could use a twig off a tree or some other natural stem!

The last project that day was a card that is very springy compared to the very fall motif of the frame and pumpkin. The focus of the card was to get everyone used to the coffee filter usage in 'art' and we made the flower by dyeing the coffee filters with Stampin Up! ink and letting them dry before cutting them out with the big flower punch. The coffee filter flowers are held together with a vintage brad. Cute huh!!

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