Sunday, May 10, 2009

Retreat at Hobby House Hill!

The weekend of May 1-3, 2009 I went with a group of crazy women (did I just type that) ahem...awesome women to a scrap booking retreat. The Hobby House Hill is located NW of Fort Worth, TX outside of Bowie, TX.

Up close!

The cropping room is the first thing we saw of the end side of the house when we arrived and I felt certian I was in cropping Heaven. Each person has their own table, electric outlet, tiered rolling basket, swivel desk chair and the room is climate controlled with a refrig, TV's, DVD player and satellight TV.

The ladies from a Whole Lotta Scrap were really treated like Royalty by the owners Cindy and Paul Dauer. We were not allowed to lift a finger to help with anything and Cindy created some awesome meals for us while we were there. There is a embosser onsite. Sandy Dailey that works magic embossing names etc on scrap books etc. There is also a lady who comes in on Friday and Saturday's to do massages on a first come first serve basis.

A picture of all the attendee's at the retreat taken after we had a secret scrapper swap! Everyone had a blast swapping, stealing, and in general having a great time!

Sitting on floor: Jamie, Leslie, Stacie, Nita
Standing: Cindy, Kathy, Shakira, Nancy, Vickie
standing on fireplace step: KaraKara, Stephanie(Fuzzie)

I had to add this photo cause there were a lot of these little critters around and they were just a whole lotta fun to watch. Cindy and Paul had hummingbird feeders up all around the house and they were always busy with birds coming to eat!

I think everyone will agree that we will go back willingly cause it was such a fun and relaxing time.

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  1. What an awesome place! I have been there many times. I absolutely love the food!


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