Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 8 Stormchase 2010 Friday June 4, 2010

Interesting...Heather just told me that I am falling behind on blog posts but I thought I had done yesterday but CHUCK! assures me that I didn't... I was reading!

We seem to be having a fairly sunshine filled year this year and the storms seem to be avoiding us like a plague! We left O'Neil NE and headed south to Grand Island, NE (yeah I know seems we have been there a lot this year) anyway we headed south on US 281 till we got to US 34 and took that into McCook, NE. We had planned on staying in McCook but evidently there was a ProAm Golf tournament there this weekend and there were no rooms available in the whole town! We took US83 south to Colby KS and put up at the Comfort Inn there. Nice place...a little pricey but nice!

Supper was at the City Limits Bar and Grill where we have gone many times in the past and the food there is still as good. I don't know about the bar help though...We ordered a bottle of wine and it came to us very vinegary and so they took it back. When the second bottle came out the same way the guy was insistent that maybe we didn't know what this particular brand tasted like. It was a Black Swan Shiraz and yes I knew what vinegar was whether it was that brand or not!!!! I think I almost made a a** out of myself but he irritated me. The waitress brought us a glass of wine out to taste it it was vinegar also. Stated it was a better quality wine and only $37 a bottle. Told her we thought we would pass on the whole wine in Colby experience. Nice place, nice waitress, not so nice bartender!!

Topped off the night reading and went to bed fairly late so Chuck had to wake me up this morning to head out.

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