Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 15 Stormchase 2010 Friday June 11, 2010

Sorry this is a day late but I had little or no connectivity yesterday...yes I am still alive...and I was unable to blog anything!

We spent most of Friday morning sitting around the Buffalo Bean in Limon, CO after we checked out of the Comfort Inn. The CI is nice but not almost $120 a night nice! I was shocked when Chuck told me how much a room was after AARP. Anyway...we sat around drinking latte's and checking email etc until around 1pm when we went over to the T&A truck stop to get a Subway salad and visit with friends. In the time we had been killing time at the Buffalo Bean the Vortex2 armada had shown up in Limon and was parked anywhere that there was available space. I would assume that we doubled the towns population that afternoon.

We started chasing a storm east of Denver and tracked it for several hours taking tons of pictures.

Here is the first picture I took of the storm! It is a look to the north. This storm had a really long stinger going in to the storm from the ne.

This picture was taken a little later looking towards the south.

This image was taken shortly after the one above looking back to the north. Awesome clouds!

This is one is one of the last I took before we quit chasing the storm and tried to finding a hidey hole so the storm could roll over us and we could make our way back to a motel.

We ended up staying in Limon, CO again tonight. It was close and we knew they would have rooms since the Vorex2 armada had gone on east. That is a huge group and they take up all the rooms in these small towns. We ended up staying at the Quality Inn and it was really nice and about $55 less a night then the Comfort Inn. Only problem we had was that my airport card is old and I couldn't get connected in the room and had to go to the front desk to connect. Chucks did just fine.
We had supper at a place in Limon called Oscars Grille and Pub or Pub and Grill depending on what sign you see. It was an awesome steak and Chuck and I shared a bottle of Spanish wine that only cost us $12. Yummy!

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