Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 13 Stormchase 2010 Wednesday June 9, 2010

Woke up this morning with the wind just howling across the plains. It was a little cool but not at all like it was yesterday. It is going to be a chase day for sure!

Warning this is a long post so grab a cup of coffee!

We started chasing by heading north through Scotts Bluff, NE into WY. We stopped to get lunch in Torrington, WY when Chuck noticed some storms blowing up to the east of us so we headed back into NE and chased most of the afternoon until the storms came into the dryer air and everything fell apart. We would stop and take some pictures then we would get back in the car and go another 10-20 miles and set down and photograph some more. Chuck has a new time lapse camera that he has taken a lot of photos on and as soon as we get home he is going to work them up and animate them. I can't wait to see the animation cause it will be awesome with this storm alone.

Here are some of the highlights of our day. You can click on the image to enlarge it!

This is the first picture of the storm I took outside of Scotts Bluff NE. It was a scary sight to behold!

I was standing out taking storm pictures when I heard something that sounded like kids (no pun intended!!) and heard one of them say Momma! and by gosh being a Momma I turned around and looked to see and was I ever surprized! A whole fields of kids!!

A stop to view the storm! I turned into a ranchers drive and almost went into his hay field to get a better look (the road went there) but decided to turn around and park in the drive and watch for a while.

So couldn't leave this part without putting a couple picture of the 'hay' field.

Do you call these rounds of hay?

If that is a round is this a loaf?

The above set of pictures are a a progression of the storm at our third stop on the chase.

This little dirt dobber showed up during the above series...sometime...and I just had to throw it in.

We kept starting and stopping for the whole afternoon and I took maybe...150 pictures and I could keep going for a while but think I am going to draw the line with these last photos! This was our last stop before heading to Ogalala NE where we are spending the night tonight in a Days Inn.

A last view of the storm! See how smooth it looks! Not scary at all!

The windmill on the hill that folks equate with the old west.

I couldn't make up my mind which picture to put out on the blog so decided to put them both up for viewing. One is enhanced with iPhoto!

Hope that you didn't fall asleep cause this was a long post but thought that I would do it to appease my kids! I am fried. I am off to bed now cause Chuck is telling me tomorrow is likely to be a chase day again here in SW NE. I really like it up here. Very nice!

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  1. You got some great photos mom! :D That first storm looked mean, for sure... Where's my post for 6/10?


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