Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 6 Stormchase 2010 Wednesday June 2, 2010

We woke with morning in Grand Island NE and started looking at what we were going to do this day. Chuck got busy looking at all the data and decided that we were going to head west and see what we could find to do between Grand Island and McCook to keep us busy because there wasn't going to be much if any weather today. About 3:00 we noticed some clouds to the northwest of North Platte and we decided to 'chase' them just to 'practice' and see what might develop. As far as storms go this wasn't a great one but it was the only storm in the area so we started chasing.

This is a picture of Chuck with the storm. Looks scarey doesn't it!! Chuck is wearing the shirt that Heather made us for this years stormchase. {{{{Cool}}}

This is another view of the storm.

I just wonder if someone called this in as a tornado!!

We ended up in McCook, NE for the night at the Day's Inn on the west side of the town. Nice people there! We were really looking forward to going to our favorite Mexican restaurant in McCook but found out from the hotel clerk that the owner had died and that it had sat vacant for awhile until a Mexican family bought it and opened it again. It now goes under the name of El Puerto and it is located on Norris St. Food is good but not as good as Mexico Lindo was.

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  1. Awwww! He wore the shirt... :) Sorry the great Mexican restaurant is gone, I know you guys loved it.


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