Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 17 Stormchase 2010 Sunday June 13, 2010

Today is the last day that I will be able to storm chase this year and I am really sad!!! It is possible that a huge weather change will come about and it will extend the severe storm/tornado season throughout that summer and I will be able to chase again but...possible but not probable.

I woke up late this morning in Dumas, TX really dreading the arrival of the last day of chasing. We loaded up the car and hit the road around 11 am and headed northeast towards what we hoped to be a successful day of storm come on we had already seen 5 good days of spinning storms and being a greedy being we hoped for more.

We stopped for gas and lunch in Pampa TX at the Texas Steak House and had a really nice Sunday lunch. I had the barbecue chicken dinner and it was so yummy. It was the type of place that a waitress walked around with a tray of dinner rolls hot out of the oven. I was in ecstasy and I would go back today! After lunch we headed north to Perryton, TX and before we got there towers had starting building and we broke out the ThreatNet to help guide us.

The skies were really wild with all sorts of roiling clouds but what was impressive was all the flooding and this storm was laying down even more water!

This was a really colorful storm!

We saw a tornado today. Chuck says that he was happy I got to see one cause it would have made him feel guilty if he got to see a tornado when he went chasing with Tempest Tours and I didn't get to see one this year. We literally saw the tornado in the last hour of our chase this year and I was driving trying to get ahead of the storm and Chuck only got one photo.

We headed south heading for home at about 5pm. I have to be in OKC Monday for Jury duty and it was about a 4 hour trip to get there. YUK! End of stormchase and begin the daily grind!

We stopped at the Applebee's in Moore OK for supper and while there I watched several segments of the Weather Channel. Looks like the storm just kept on going and more tornadoes were spawned by the storms. Oh well! There is always next year!

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