Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WOYWW #165

WOYWW #164

I missed last week because of some commitments and needing to get things organized.  I really missed it too!  What is WOYWW well it is a fun thing that a bunch of us do each Wednesday thanks to Julia at Stamping Ground.   Want to come play with us?  Check out her blog.

This is my desk this week and it is a real pit to say the least.  I went in there one day last weekend to look for something and forgot what I went in there for when I started sorting through the messes of boxes and bags.  OMG! I have a lot of stuff and I need to get it all organized so I can play again.   I bought several of those cube boxes and have started putting them together to add to the 10 that I already own.  I went to Dallas a while back with Heather and Michael and bought a couple smaller Expedit shelving units.  One shelf has 4 cubes and one has 8 stacked 2x4 cubes tall and according to the info in the box you can stack them or lay them on top of each other.  I am starting to plan out the new craft room and will be posting pre-pictures soon!

You can see an image on an easel that I made for a swap on Creative-block Stampers Anonymous  a Yahoo group I belong to.  The challenge was a 6x6 page using orange and red as primary colors and using Stampers Anonymous stamps of your choice.

I used Stampin'Up! card stock and miscellaneous dies from both Stampin' Up! and Tim Holtz Alterations.  I think it turned out pretty well!

Well that's it.  Have a great week and I am hoping to make it around to every ones blog this week but  I have to go in for a scope procedure due to some tummy issues so we will see how well I feel as to how many it can get to.


  1. Just this minute seen Shaz's new room and I come on here and you are planning a new room. How exciting. I love new rooms and wish I had a new (bigger) one to do myself.
    That's a bright sunny piece of artwork on your easel Vickie, a real 'happy' piece that would brighten anyone's day.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, neet xx #27

  2. Love the colors of your 6x6. Good luck with the room re-do. I just did mine a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Purged a lot of stuff and gave it a new coat of paint. Dani#26

  3. Wow, all the wonderful things happening on your desk and a now planning for a new room. Very exciting.
    Sandra @36

  4. Oh yeah, my desk needs to be organized too... who will do it?
    Really love your card!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tuire #54

  5. Have fun planning and building your "new room".
    Love those warm red and oranges on your 6x6 page...lovely!

  6. Hi Vickie, missed your post!
    Love that card! Oh my tidying up is something we crafters have to do often isn't it?!! Blow this having a tiny 6" to play in!!You should see my sewing table.I have a table in the garage for paper/paint projects, and a small sewing room.

  7. Oh I like your card the vintage dress dummies are very popular at the moment I like your take on it. Sorting out the craft room must be the theme this week as i see darnell and JoZart is at it too. Sandy :) #43

  8. Oh for a new room! Good luck....the card is gorgeous! Helen, 24

  9. Howdy,

    I like your desk - looks like mine usually does! I need to spend more time in there - to organize AND create. Hope you can stop by mine when you have a moment or 2.


  10. Vickie, I like your pit - i dive in I swim around - it is full of making goodness, and the colour mix is fantastic,

    missed you last week, glad you are back,


  11. It's great having a new room to play in, I love mine and spend as much time as I can in it. You cards stampers are so talented, I'm quite envious. Got Anne R. visiting me in a couple of weeks to teach me some techniques. Can't wait.
    Enjoy your planning
    Lynn /74 x

  12. Sounds exciting..new space, more room, secretly my floor space is a true mess, have to work on that today. Grandkids will be visiting.
    Great colors on the 6x6 love the stamps you've used and I love the swaps.
    Good luck with the tests. Enjoy WOYWW and have a good week.

  13. Hush Vicki, you seem to be voicing my fear - that I'll be lookng for something and end up having the biggest ever re-organise...you kinda feel it coming, huh!! I wonder if you'll have 20 cube boxes by the close of doings...argh!!

  14. This happens to me all the time. I go into a room for something and first thing you know, the whole place has been re-worked It must be a woman thing! Glenda 93

  15. Ah... the joys of planning a new room! Your new storage shelves sound amazing, Vickie. Really looking forward to seeing the results. My dream is to have a complete revamp and really get organised this time around - my ARTHaven grew on a sort of ad hoc basis before I really knew what I wanted, and has now got stuck!

    Love the beautiful orange card. Beautiful vibrant warm colour scheme. Time for me to use that colour again soon - recently I've been in pink and purple mode a lot.

    I know exactly what it's like, forgetting what you went there for, and ending up doing something completely different! Story of my brainfogged life lol!

    Thanks for your visit and nice comment - glad you liked my projects. I agree with you, gel medium is fantastic stuff - it's high on my list of Desert Island Art Materials/Equipment lol!! Something I couldn't live without...

    Happy WOYWW,

  16. I love that orange card - it's so bright and zingy! It turned out really well. Good luck with the reorganising - I love having a sort out now and again...almost more than making stuff sometimes!!
    And by the way, you are a very funky babe, 60 or not! Happy Belated for your big birthday :D
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  17. good luck with the scope procedure,your page is bright and cheerful
    have a super woyww
    kay #82

  18. Wow. You don't have a lot of space left to work in do you? But you have still managed to produce a very bright and cheerful 6"x6" page, so well done! Kate #100

  19. Lovely colourful page. Happy Yorkshire Day! x Jo

  20. What wonderful colours! It's so bright and cheerful it's put a big smile on my face. There are so many lovely supplies in the first photo, I want to come and play! Have fun planning out your new room! Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.71

  21. Fab page!!! I struggle with orange and yellow so much, you've done a great job!!! Trish #10

  22. Hi Vickie,

    I was MIA last week too. I really miss participating so was definitely going to this week no matter what.

    Your page looks great. I imagine orange and red could be tricky.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #31

  23. I wouldn't mind a play on your desk either! I love that orange and red, they work so well together, who would have thought it, love the stamping too. Happy WoYwW, Anne x #58

  24. I can't wait to see what you do for your organization and see your new bins in operation. Love the card with its bright pretty colors.

  25. Vickie hope you are feeling better soon. Great card the orange and red work so well together. Take care, hugs Erika. #114

  26. New space sounds very exciting, hope the planning is going well. Love the brightness of todays post, that card is stunning, incredibly cheerful.

    Brenda 3

  27. Pretty colors!
    Good luck with your room redo.
    And especially with your procedure. Hope all goes smoothly!
    Mary Jo 107

  28. How exciting to be planning a new craft room! Hope your hospital procedure goes well - I had gastroscopy a couple of months ago - unpleasent certainly but not painful and it only lasts a few minutes - waiting now to get gall bladder removed!
    Bernice #2

  29. A new craft room? How exciting, can't wait to see it progress!! waving hi from the awesome hills of North Carolina :)

  30. I really love your blog. I'm an inky messy girl too. Happy WOYWW. Michelle x #127

  31. A new craft room... so exciting .. looking foward to seeing its progress! Good luck at the hospital... Hugs May x x x#12

  32. Your desk is in such crafty dishevelment that I wish I could come down and help you with your craft room re-do! :) Are you trying out for the 6 inch club this week? You know, the club of those who craft in the 6 square inches they can get clean on their craft desk? lol It's a real thing, though, and some weeks I definitely qualify, but this week it's your turn for sure! :) At least you still turn out amazing stuff in that 6 inches...beautiful orange and red image. I personally adore red and orange together and pink and orange even more! If the challenge has a winner I bet it's you! How much is your hubby hating this heat? No storms in sight around here, huh? Now you wanna go back north just to get away from the heat, right? lol Take care dear and I hope your tests turn out ok. My mom has a hiatal hernia that's really been bothering her lately and she's contemplating surgery...hope your problem doesn't turn out to need surgery! :)
    Deeyll #134

  33. New craft room, how cool! Am looking forward to seeing it. Loving your card, its fab. I hope your procedure goes well and they can sort out the problem. Take care xx

  34. Hi Vickie! I missed taking part last week too - real life just gets in the way sometimes doesn't it? Just as it is SO easy to get sidetracked in our craft rooms, eh?

    Good luck at the hospital - I'm having similar issues at the moment and its severely impinging on real life. I'd give anything to be able to go and do something strenuous and energetic right now!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  35. A new craft room?!? How exciting will that be!

    Your desk looks like lots of fun this week, and your 6x6 layout is gorgeous!!

    I'm having a giveaway, open worldwide this week. Come check it out if you get the chance!

    Amy E. #30

  36. G'day Vickie,
    Good to catch up. The constant challenge is to avoid losing things I reckon. The shelving units sound like an excellent idea.
    Your card is terrific. I think I would have been daunted by red and orange but no, they go well in your design.
    Miles of smiles and pleased to see you again,
    Ros #60


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