Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday July 6, 2012

Today started off in Belle Fourche, SD!  We had a great nights sleep and woke up ready to get on the road towards Yellowstone.  Chuck had checked the weather and the closest storm probability was in MInnesota so we decided to blow it off and head west.

Here are a few pictures as war were leaving Belle Fourche near Spearfish SD.

really a dismal grey day!

How about snow fence?  Never heard of them in OK but they are all over up here.  suppose to keep the snow from blowing across the road a road level. 
Black Hills of SD

It is beautiful country between Belle Fourche and Cody WY where we are tonight.  We went through the BigHorn National Forest and I took a ton of pictures so I will post a bunch and not chatter too much. I don't know what the peaks, valleys etc are called so enjoy the pictures.  A lot of these were taken from the car so not the best but...I still love them!

Yep thats where we were!

Looking east from the top of the mountain in the forest.

Formations like this would have signs that said what they where and how old they were.  I kidded Chuck that they were almost as old as him!

The visitors center.  Lots of pretty flowers and information.  Stay out of the gift shop or be willing to spend money.  I cried...I tore myself away and didn't spend any money cause it meant I would have to take a hike back to the car!

Tomorrow we go to Yellowstone and visit the sights there.  Hopefully I will get a lot of awesome pictures there too.  
More tomorrow.


  1. All the photos are great love the last 2 the one of the mountain and the river, the river looks so lovely. Sandy :)

  2. I love the gift shops the most probably, lol They always have such cute fun stuff that I can't seem to live without! HA! Looking forward to the Yellowstone pictures!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Stunning ...what amazing views.
    As for snow fences .... I saw something similar near the rail tracks in the Scottish Highlands prevent loose stones and, in the winter ... snow, covering the tracks.I am looking forward to the next visit ....Yellow Stone makes me think of Yogi Bear lol xx

  4. Absolutely beautiful! glad you guys are having such a great time and getting to see so much countryside!

  5. Hi Vickie,

    Yep, those snow fences are interesting, aren't they. You are going to love Yellowstone!! If you go in to town there's an arch of antlers that's a great photo op. There also was a saloon on the plaza that has saddles for stools - very cool.

    Can't wait to see more pics of your vacation.


  6. So glad you're having such a nice time, Vickie - and thanks for sharing the awesome photos! What stunning scenery. One day I'd love to travel to the US and see your beautiful National Parks.



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