Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday June 29, 2012

We arrived at Chucks cousin Bob's house in the early evening.  It was so much fun watching the two of them ramble on and reminisce about the good old days.  They spent the two nights we were there catching up on years of things that they had gone through and here they are looking at old comic books, books and games that they had enjoyed as children.

Bob asking Chuck do you remember this?
Bob had a collection of old 45rpm records and vinyl Albums...anyone remember what those are?
Bob also had a relic in the garage that he enjoyed sharing with Chuck.  It was his 1972 Pontiac Grande Ville that he had recently had overhauled and restored to its original condition.  Bob has researched the car and has a book he has compiled documenting every owner and work done on the car.  What amazes me is that it only has 70,000+ actual miles on it.  Bob backed it out of the garage and he and Chuck took a drive around the neighborhood!

The definitely kept the conversation going and entertained me with all sorts of interesting conversations.  Here we are at Perkins for breakfast before touring Idaho Falls.

Idaho Falls is a neat little city of about 50,000 people.  We really enjoyed the visit with Bob!

While the boys were out running around and catching up on the past few years I got busy with some crafty stuff and made a couple journal pages.  I posted the journal pages for the Summer of Color flavor of the week #2 that were the flavor of chocolate chip mint ice cream, and for week 3 the Baseball nut from Baskin Robbins Ice Cream was an ATC I had made for the WOYWW swap.

A paper pack I found at the WalMart in Idaho Falls.  I have never seen these papers at our Walmart and they are awesome for collages and other works but are a light weight paper and will need backing of card stock to stand up on their own.

I brought my Stampin'Up! Watercolor crayons and used them for the first time with this project.  OMG!  I love them.  They blend together so well and are so rich in pigment. 

There is still time to come play with us in the Summer of Color. 

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  1. You managed to craft while you were on the road?! I'm impressed! Looks like Chuck and his cousin had a grand time reminiscing!


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