Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Strawberry Lemonade Summer of Color

Finally got the Summer of Color Strawberry Lemonade flavor project done.  I didn't have all the "stuff" I needed on our trip so got back to it as soon as I could.  This afternoon I plan on starting the Wild and Reckless Flavor from Baskin Robins...its another vibrant sherbet with lots of awesome color in it.  I think the description says...
Here's my Strawberry Lemonade!

I have the pinks and yellows but don't know why I went purple on the hair...I meant to make it look like an ice cream cone swirl but ended up painting over it in the darker purple. 
Here's what it looked like a week ago and I kept playing with it but couldn't get it to meld so I just painted over the hair. 

Can you say "healthy for you?"  I fixed a big bowl of fruit salad and decided to have Chobani Yogurt and fruit for brunch...Yummy!   

Okay here is the description of the 5th week challenge colors...

"A green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch flavored sherbet party. 
Fruit has never had so much fun."
- Baskin Robbins
colors from letschipit.com
 There are only 6 weeks of challenges and the last one is now in the works with the group and it is Watermelon Ice....I am so sad it is almost over...

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  1. The colors in your journal are gorgeous - totally love this spread.


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