Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer of Color--Baseball nut ice cream-vanilla, cashew, and a touch of raspberry

This weeks ice cream flavor at Summer of Color is called Baseball I have never heard of it either but it really sounded yummy!

I am on vacation and haven't had a lot of time to do crafty type stuff so today I sat down and worked on a journal page for the mint chocolate chip project and when I was photographing that I realized I had the perfect submission for the baseball nut.

A couple weeks ago I was a part of an ATC swap for a group I belong to called What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday I made 20 of these to swap with other participants and while finishing them up my cat jumped on the desk knocking my glass of coffee over on them and causing a big mess so I had to redo them. I got all of them sent out this past week. Yay! What do you think? Vanilla, cashew, and a touch of raspberry? Yes!!!


  1. Love those atc's ...glad you are still enjoying your break ...your title made me hungry lol. xx

  2. Lovely ATC collages - and SO MANY of them, wow!!

    See you next week at SOC!

  3. Wow - nice job on the ATCs and perfect for Baseball Nut!!!
    Itraveled down further in your blog and saw your posts about Glacier - one of my favorite places and one to which my hubby and I will travel more since we live kinda close out in the Pac NW. Beautiful photos - and great submissions for Baseball Nut AND Mint Choc Chip!!!

  4. Oh wow that is lovely and very unusual :-D

  5. Hi Vickie,

    I hope your vacation is going great! I LOVE my ATC by the way. Baskin Robbins used to have baseball nut ice cream during the summer. It was one of my favorites. If you see a BR try it!

    We are still having a heat wave so I'm sitting in Starbucks (another air conditioned place) catching up on my favorite blogs.



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