Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday July 8, 2012

Today we went back to Yellowstone and did some more running around.  We went back to the Artist Point Lower Falls and took some more pictures with the sun shining unlike the cloudy spiting rain it was yesterday.  Here are example of the two days.
cloudy rainy day
with sun
Next we visited the the Artist Paint Pots which is a thermal formation.  It is a little walk to the 'pots' and then up and around.
Didn't see this till we were on our way out!  It was about a mile and a half trip.

First thermal 
trail we walked on to climb the mountain
 right side looking down on paint pots from the top
left side
different color 'paint pots'

My sweetie and I taken by a nice lady!
Next stop was in the Midway Geyser basin at the Grand Prismatic Springs

boiling hot water from the geyser 
microbe blanket
Excelsior Geyser crater
upclose of bubbling geyser
microbe blanket there were several signs everywhere telling people not to mark the blankets and the idiots wrote there name in the blanket.  Sad!
microbe blanket
prismatic springs with cloud reflection
opal pool  Unfortunately I didn't have another CF card and couldn't get the turquoise pool but I saw it!

Chuck and I visited Old Faithful today also but I must say that after the scenes from today and yesterday I felt it was a little bit of a let down.  I can say I have been there and did see it erupt!!  We had lunch in the cafeteria at the time it went up and enjoyed a fabulous meal!
Chuck enjoyed an Old Faithful beer!
my small portion of turkey and dressing!
After lunch we headed south to the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, WY.  Here was a friend we met along the way and a deer hopped out but I didn't have my camera on ready for her.
One last picture of the Tetons coming into Jackson Hole, WY

Tomorrow we will be going into the Grand Teton Park and the Teton Forest.  

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  1. These are fabulous pictures! It is interesting what a difference a cloud day versus a sunny day makes for pics! The artists paintpots and geysers are so cool! Love how you got the cloud reflection in the pools. My most favorite pic is of the mountains with the rays of sun poking through the clouds! Great shot!


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