Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saturday July 7, 2012 Yellowstone!

Today we were up early and off to Yellowstone National Park.  What I didn't realize as we left Cody, WY was that we would actually be visiting 2 different state and national parks and forest.

The first park we went through was Buffalo Bill State Park outside Cody.  It was a really interesting place with all the sharp and defined cliffs and rock formations.  The Shoshone river flows through the park and ends at the Buffalo Bill Dam.  I couldn't get a picture of it but there are some tales out there that say are all hoax.  Here are a few pictures.

Really a wild west type of territory isn't it.  I loved all the rock formations and the dry arid country like in the southwest...but there is water everywhere.  I guess the land just can't hold it.

Next stop was the Shoshone Forest but the pictures are so like the ones from Yellowstone I am just going to group them together.  There have been several attacks on the pines in this area we visited either by fire or on the Lodge Pole Pines beetle that has killed off a lot of the forest.  Okay so here goes.  Lots of pictures of Yellowstone!

upper falls


Hope you liked all the pictures from today as much as I enjoyed seeing the sites.   We are off today for day #2 at Yellowstone.


  1. O.....M.....G ...what wonderful sights ... so beautiful that I'm going back to have another look. Those thermal features were something never seen before ...thanks for letting me share your day.xx

  2. Wonderful pictures thankyou for sharing your experience. Anne x

  3. just beautiful! Loved all the pictures! I am thoroughly enjoying them!

  4. Interesting pics of the countryside. I find it fascinating how flood and drought, copious surface water and dry country can co-exist. We see it here too.
    Those hot springs are fabulous, and your photos show it admirably. Thanks, Vickie.

  5. I love all the colors in that orange rock amazing. The white falls of chrystals look so pretty. What a wonderful experience that you are sharing love the photos. Sandy :)


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