Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WOYWW #283

Running a little late again this week but I am here for WOYWW and to share some exciting news and photos.  First off to let the WOYWW's see my desk and then if you want to look at the rest of the photos stick around... What's WOYWW?  Visit Julia at Stamping Ground she has a linking thing on the sidebar that will take you to where you need to go to get the details of joining the fun!

My deskies my precious...
An overall of the room as you come in the door!  WOW I can see the floor!  OMG!  haven't been that busy I guess! 
The back desk with some new stuff my daughter bought me...twine, spools, wooden pieces etc.  I got some new stamp and die sets from Stamps of Life, and a new Tim Holtz wreath stamp/die set. 
Nothing going on on the L shaped wall desk...except Miss Ghost checking out I am doing what I should be doing!
A gift from a friend for doing the right thing...Thank you Laurel!
Latest make for a swap on ATT...Altered, Tattered, and Timeworn a Yahoo group.  I had never altered keys before and when I tried to use the big ones I showed a couple weeks ago it was way more work then I wanted to do and money for the bits and pieces.  These are smaller keys and I think they worked out fine!
My exciting news is the birth of my new grandson on Sunday!  Mom and baby are doing great.  Here is a picture of him enjoying his first hair wash!
Charles A. Doswell V
6lbs 15oz
20 inches
Born 11:26pm
1 November, 2014
Not to leave sisters out here is a picture of them taken Halloween night in their costumes.  It was quite nice that Charlie gave big sisters a break and waited till after the festivities to be born  Teresa is 5 now and quite grown up and wants to take control so she chose Capt. America as her costume and Hannah is Rapunzel!  So cute!

Mom and Dad getting into the act!  Such a cute family and I am so glad they are mine.  
 Okay done deal.  I am going to post this then head out for an appointment and then Chuck and I will be going out with the kids for his birthday celebration today.  Can't wait to get pictures of CAD III (Chuck),  CAD IV (Chad), and CAD V (Charlie) on Thanksgiving. 


  1. I love your creative space but I have to say the photo of that gorgeous new little family member won my heart. Huge congratulations to all the family.
    Annie x # 27

  2. I love that first photo, great work space. It looks like a lovely place to spend the day. Great new toys and hello to Miss Ghost. Judy #72

  3. What a great area to play in and lovely goodies too. I love those keys, they turned out really well. Congrats on becoming a grandma again. The pics of the family are gorgeous. Have a great week,
    Von #23

  4. I like the altered keys - I agree with you on the smaller keys. :-) Love the Halloween Costumes.
    April #73

  5. Hi Vickie, you have such an interesting desk/room to snoop about in. The altered keys look great , but must say the biggest congrats on the birth of Charles - adorable, hugs grannie, RobynO#39

  6. Congratulations, what a cutie!! Great desk - what a lot of stuff!! Helen 3

  7. ah Vickie a big congrats on all the wodnerful news of your post what a wee treasure he is!!
    .. happy belated WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #74

  8. Hi Vickie - congratulations on the safe arrival, and hope all the celebrations have gone well. A lovely busy week for you! Enjoy this one. Chris # 7

  9. CONGRATS VICKI!! What a doll!
    LOVE that your GD is Captain America!!!
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Krisha #24

  10. Great room, fun new stuff and a new grandbaby besides!

  11. Congratulations on your new little grandson! He's very sweet. (I'm not WOYWWing this week, but had to pop over for your good news.) ~ Laura

  12. Congratulations on your new grandson, he's adorable. You have a really full room. Thanks for stopping by #8

  13. I love your workspace! So many interesting things! Great keys also, but nothing can beat a new born baby!
    Thanks for visiting!
    Gabriele 30

  14. Congratulations on your new Grandbaby, such a wee little mannie!! LOL
    Love your room, lots of lovely stash to play with and your keys are a delight, but then I have always like keys for some weird reason!! Annette #18

  15. What an absolute sweetie the baby is bet you will spoil him to bits, know I would Lol! Thank you so much for the visit, it's been a bit manic recently so I am still trying to catch up with the comments for WOYWW but better late than never or so they say. Love the view of your craft space and they are a lovely family, you are so right. Have a great weekend and happy crafting, Angela x

  16. Your craft room is like Aladdin's Cave! The altered keys look fantastic! Congratulations on the birth of your new grandchild! He's gorgeous! So is the kitty! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and your encouraging comment! Zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle

  17. Everything has been overshadowed by the birth of your new grandson in my view! The cat is cute, the crafty stuff is wonderful, but your grandson is awesome!!! Congratulations! A wonderful addition to your family in time for Thanksgiving --- and what a precious treasure to be thankful for. Thanks for your visit earlier. I hope that you have enjoyed the birthday celebration.
    Nann #52

  18. Another member of the Doswell family! How wonderful :-) sending love and hugs to you on this fab news. He's a bonnie lad! Great timing too, avoiding the Trick or Treating!
    Oh, your desk is good too....I'm very impressed with the clear floor ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  19. Congratulations on the birth of your Grandson.

    Loving your craft room and all your scrummy stash.

    Ghost is lovely.

    The kids looked fab int heir costumes.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #34

  20. Congratulations on the new addition to the family, Vickie. He's adorable! Also, on such a tidy creative space, and all that gorgeous new stash. Your kitty is beautiful too. What a lovely post, in fact!

    Many thanks for you two lovely comments - so glad you like my album. I'm pleased with how it's going. I had another blood test yesterday to check on my anaemia and have just started another course of iron - result early next week. I'm not too bothered if I've got to continue with the iron because it does have a beneficial effect on my colitis, being constipating!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #44

  21. Congrats on the new grandee. Another beauty to add to your list.
    Gosh your room looks awful busy, you obviously have a bigger room than I have - envy creeping in here from me LOL.
    BTW I never ever store my H2o's with lids on and never ever wait until they are dry to put away - done that for years and they are fine - no mould or anything.
    Hugs, Neet 35 xx

  22. Thanks for your return visit, Vickie. My anaemia is only mild, and so far hasn't responded to the treatment, but it is probably holding it at bay. They think the most likely cause is continual bleeding from the bowel as a result of my ulcerative colitis - but again this can only be mild because I am not aware of it, and anyway my symptoms are fairly well controlled these days with medication.

    I know that nowadays we are surrounded by all sorts of horrible stuff in our environment, not to mention radical changes in people's lifestyles associated with modern life, giving rise to obesity and its related disorders, a massive increase in allergies and all sorts of other stuff. I don't know how they can possibly sort out all the causes and effects as the environment we live in is highly complex and there are far too many variables! I watch quite a few science and medical programmes and read quite a bit, and after years of research and millions being spent, the conclusions most of them seem to come to is "everything in moderation" as the best for us - which I could have told them for nothing! It's just common sense really.

    I'm well past all the "I'll try anything to get better" stage because nothing works. I have accepted my situation and am concentrating on creating the best way of life for myself, giving houseroom to the illness, trying not to major on what I can no longer do, but enjoying to the full everything that I can do! Coming to this point has been liberating. I am sure you know where I am coming from on this.


  23. Congratulations on the birth of Charlie! Coincidentally I have become a grandma again too. My grandson Luciano was born yesterday. He lives in Italy so that's a bit far away, so far I've seen some photos and I hope to go visit soon.
    Sorry I'm so late in commenting. I like to comment on all of the posts but there just aren't enough hours in the day...
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.
    Have a good week.

  24. I just have a drawer (two actually) in my craft room and the Twinkling H2o's just get placed in there, they stack on top of one another and slide all over the place but are fine.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  25. Hi there. I am SO late visiting this week. Oh, congratulations - what a cutie! Doesn't seem to mind the hairwash, does he? Mine screamed whenever I did that to them!!
    Your room is looking amazing - and all those new things to try out - wow!
    Thanks for visiting. you are welcome to drop by any Thursday for soup!!! Let me know when and I'll make sure I do a real special for you.... how's about broccoli and stilton? or parsnip and sweet potato??
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11


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