Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WOWYY #282

Another busy and full week has flown by and Wednesday is here again before I was ready for it...  That's another thing about getting older vs when we were younger is that when I was a kid it seemed to take an eternity for a week to go by now it seems like I sleep a night and a month has passed!   Welcome to WOYWW and what's on my desk(s) today.  Take a snoop around and take your time cause they are all junked up today.  Whats WOYWW?  Check out Julia and her blog Stamping Ground and come play with us!

Here are what my desks look like today.  The front desk is busy sorting various bits and pieces into a new box my dear daughter gave me to hold my plethora of plunder...  I don't know how I got so lucky to have such an awesome daughter  or so much crap!!

 Back desk is a dumping ground until this afternoon when I get back from an appointment and I will clean it off and mess it up again!
 It's not that the desk hasn't been busy... its because I am a slob and never put anything in its proper place!

Made a couple new cards for my Granddaughter's Halloween surprise!  As someone pointed out I made them pretty much the same for this age so they won't feel slighted!!  I made them bright and small so small hands could hold them...and spooky enough that it is Halloweenie but not scary enough to frighten them!  What do you think?
What's inside? 

Not the best stamp job I have ever done but I was using a new clear polymer stamp set and with a foam pad they were still stamping uneven.   Now not to be put off I ran to the stash and found all sorts of stickers and rub-ons to cover the mistamps over with.  I think the girls will like them no matter what they look like!

 I would like to say thank you to my Halloween Secret Sister for sending me this awesome box of goodies. 
 Sorry it isn't a better picture but I know you can see what awesome lot of goodies she sent me.  I love this sweater pin and the giant clothes pin that holds a spooky tag! 

Aren't they awesome!
 Have a great week and I am sorry I didn't make it around to every one's desk who came here last week but I promise I will this week even it ends up being next Tuesday night!! 


  1. Hi Vickie. I love those halloween cards and all that crafty stash too. What a gorgeous moth pin.
    Annie x # 26

  2. Loving your spooky creations ! Did you know when you click the link from Julia's blog it takes you to your other blog ? Hope the girls love those cards ! Ali #21

  3. Lovely cards. I think you got the balance between spooky and scary just right. I'm sure the girls will love them. That moth brooch is just lovely.
    PS Your link took me to your other blog.

    Fiona #20

  4. Hi Vicki I think your cards are just right!!! I've made treat holders. Prob put them on blog next week as didn't want tbem on today as some of family look at blog and was them to be a surprise. Anne x #18

  5. LOL!!!! "Plethora of crap"! Oh, how I can relate to that!! Super cute Halloween cards and love your little goodies in the mail too!

    Happy crafting!
    Jeannie #27

  6. Lovely Halloween cards and loads of crafting supplies in your workspace! Love!
    Gabriele 31

  7. Phew - that's better - thought we weren't going to see all your lovely WOYWW stuff. You've certainly been a busy little crafter! Have a great week, Chris # 24

  8. Happy Belated WOYWW. In the UK no one seems to send out Halloween cards or gifts. Kids and adults are having parties now, so the shops are full of costumes/decorations etc. I love Halloween, so send cards to anyone with young children - but they actually say that I am the only one who does this! Love all of your designs. Ali x #40

  9. What a lot of gorgeousness you have there for Halloween. Lucky girl. And I love that pin.
    Quite blown away by all your ink pads and pens too on the first photo.
    Hugs, Neet 29 xx

  10. Hi, thanks for visiting. I'm now commenting on the right blog. I didn't know you sent each other haloween cards too. I'm sure the kids will love them.
    That was a nice gift package! I love that moth pin thingy. What a kind craft 'sister'.
    Have a good week,
    Thank you for letting look over your shoulder,

  11. I'm at the right place for WOYWW, lol! You ARE lucky, Vickie! The new box from your daughter and the goodies from your pal are fabulous! And I adore the fun cards you made for the kids! They are just perfect! Happy Halloween and Happy Belated WOYWW! Thank you for coming to visit me! Hugs, Darnell #66

  12. Aw, I see your relationship with your lovely daughter on FB and it makes me very happy for you. I'm gonna presume that the beautiful box is utterly bottomless and will be the best tool for the plunder, ever!!
    A lovely gift from your hallowe'en Secret sister, I love the stamp that says BITE ME! I am perfectly sure that I can't (and I've looked!) see mis stamping on the cards, I think they're jsut right to celebrate and not scare.


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