Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WOYWW # 285

I have a new picture of the Grandies this week.  My dear daughter-in-law and son have been so good about posting and sending us pictures of the grandkids.  The girls have been so sick with croup and upper airway infections Mom and Dad have had their hands full trying to keep them away from the new baby a bit.  A couple days ago they finally got to hold their precious brother and as you can tell they were so happy!   Grandma and Grandpa will be so happy to be able to hug and hold all the Grandbabies when we travel out for a visit and Thanksgiving holiday next week…more pictures then.
Teresa is 5 years old and Hannah just turned 3 years old  this fall.  Charlie at 2 weeks old.

I guess I should get on with my WOYWW post and the state of my desks and my craft room this week.  I have been busy doing a lot of different things so check back on previous posts to see some of the cards and fun stuff I have been making.  Okay this is the corner/window desk today.  I know I was asked if I ever used that desk and the response is yes I do!  Today (or tonight cause it is dark outside) I have some inks, stamps, and other stuff on the desk I am using.  I keep my Project Life cards/paper stored on the other side of the ink pad rack.  The two altered sewing boxes (ones a house) hold various ephemera and decorative bits for tags, cards etc.  
This is the center desk.  There is a 3 feet walkway on either side of the desk so it really isn't as junked up as it looks.  Actually it is fairly neat tonight considering…I really need to find a better way to store all those little iron looking craft ink pads and the roundy round storage and clip it up take up a lot of room so I am using the corner desks more today.
The other half of the corner desk.  The desk has some crochet I am doing.  I am making my youngest granddaughter Hannah a cat scoodie complete with ears and pockets.  Check it out at mooglyblog!  The closet is a mess and I spent some time today trying to organize things a bit.  The cases at the edge of the desk house my Christmas papers.  Yes I know I have way too much paper but…Those rolling stands behind are loaded with stamps too.  I don't know how many stamps set and individual but there are a lot of those too!
Another picture of my "junque" wall.  I am a big fan of Kelly Rae Roberts! as you can tell.  I love the way she portrays women and the whimsy of her art.  See the wood blocks and the DVD/CD's sitting on the sewing machine cabinet?  My son in law was going to throw the blocks away and I claimed them…any ideas what to do with them?  The CD's are from my husbands efforts to clean up his office. I have a lot of plans of things to do with them!!  As you can tell I love those little suit cases.  I have them loaded up with all sorts of fun things.
Okay that's it for my desks this week.  I will probably not have a picture of my desk's to post next week so I wanted to make sure I got them in this week.  Have a good look around cause there is a lot to see in my room!  

Wanted to share a close up of a black and white card I made for the swap on Paper Crafting Swap on Facebook.  I still have one card and one tag to get in the mail this week so will probably work on those tomorrow and get them mailed out.  
If you are wondering what all this desk stuff is about go check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground and she has a length there that will fill you in on the details of what this is all about!  

That is it for me and my desks this week.  I hope everyone is staying warm and safe this week.  We are having some of the coldest weather for November I have ever seen in Oklahoma.  It snowed on Sunday resulting in about 2inches of the white fluffy stuff and lows in the lower teens….brr!  


  1. Is that your new grandson? What a doll, and two sisters to tease him later.

    Your black and white card is stunning.....LOVE IT!

    Happy WOYWW still no # yet

  2. love the grandkids! glad the girls are ok now. Great pics of your desk and craft space, too! Helen 4

  3. I love that pic of your Grandies!! How cute are they...enjoy your visit to them :-)
    I'd like to see a close up of your off to explore the link you gave us!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  4. Ooh, I wish I could come over and play at your house - that room is delightful! What a treasure trove. I've decided it's impossible to keep crafty bits tidied away, when you need them to hand. By the way, what a lovely pic of a wonderful little family - do enjoy your time with them, when you go. In the meantime, happy WOYWW, Chris # 8

  5. I love it that on a WOYWW day you can see not just ANYTHING, but often MANY things on any given desk. It just stokes the creative fires in surprising ways. Cut kids, BTW. Makes me both nostalgic for the kids as babies and wondering about future grandkids :)

    Happy happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  6. Your grandchildren really are sweet! A very nice photo!
    I must say, your workspace looks so inviting to me, I could spent a long time peeking in every corner.
    Thanks for visiting!
    Gabriele 26

  7. What a gorgeous photo of your grandchildren - they look adorable. Your work space looks so inviting - I'd love a rummage through all that stash! Love the black and white card too - very stylish and classy. Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #32

  8. Now that is a beautiful pic of the grandchildren and I am sure you will all have a wonderful time together Love the tour of your crafting space a bit like Aladdin's treasure.
    sandra de @21

  9. Good morning girl from a frigid East Tennessee. We are 14 degrees this morning! Thanksgiving is coming! I love your space; I always love to come see what you are doing! I love how you have stored your stamps. Very creative idea! Glenda #40

  10. Happy WOYWW. I always love a tour around your desks. We get to enjoy your wonderful stash and storage, without actually buying any of it! I am jealous, as my craft room is empty at the moment. Ali x #42

  11. Awww, cute grandkiddies! You're pretty well stocked - with arting goodies I mean, not grandkids, LOL! I love, love, love your artwork hanging on your wall. Hav a great week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #39

  12. Hi Vickie, you could make some ink blending tools with the wood blocks. I take it by Iron shaped ink pads, you mean the Dewdrop ones? If so, I too would love to hear a good storage solution for them, nothing seems to work well.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #2 xxx

  13. Thanks for the various links Vickie, there is a lot I want to look up from your blog of today.
    Lovely grandees, so glad they will be better for when you get there. Happy Thanksgiving early wishes to you all.
    Hope the weather does not keep up with that degree of coolness, for once we are experiencing a mild November here in the UK.
    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 27 x

  14. Gorgeous pic of the grandchildren! Bless them. Your desk is always inviting with all of your pics and crafty stash, Take care Zo xx 50

  15. Wonderful grand photos- green with happy envy here!
    love the blackened white card- so classic.
    thanks for visiting!

  16. Hi Vickie, thanks for visiting earlier.
    Thanks for sharing the lovely photo of your grandies. The girls look sooo proud! And little Charlie is gorgeous!
    I was really intrigued as to what a scoodie was... so I looked at the link you shared. What a cute idea. Please show us when you've finished.
    I also looked at Kelly Rae's blog as I had spotted that art at the back of you studio and liked what I saw. A very talented lady. I like!
    Have a lovely week and a lovely time next week with your family,
    God bless you and keep you safe,

  17. Hi Vickie, thanks for visiting, lovely granchildren but I can see they will be keeping mum and dad busy for sure. Your desks look like there is and will be lots of activity there. Have a great crafty week, Angela x 28

  18. I'm sitting down for while for the first time today having just got home from my day with the twinnie what better to do than catch up with as many blogs as I can? :-)
    Did you show us a pic of your desk? I was lost in that gorgeous pic of your grandchildren.
    Annie x # 19

  19. What a gorgeous picture of your Grandchildren, Vickie. Bet you are really looking forward to your visit. Your desk and crafty space is just amazing, I would love a good rummage amongst it all.
    Your wintery weather even made our news here in the UK today so keep safe and warm. It's very mild here. My daughter is desperate for the white stuff but it looks like it could be in short supply again for us.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Lisax #38

  20. Love the photo of your grandchildren Vicki. Bet you can't wait for that visit. You have so much stuff :-) thought I had a lot till I looked round yours. Thanks for visiting- I will email you my address as requested. Anne x #34

  21. Hi Vickie
    Great to see all of your desks this week - even more stash than me which is saying something ! Hope you have lovely time visiting your family ! Thanks for visiting earlier ! Ali #20

  22. Oh those beautiful girls and their amazing little Bebe bro! How proud you must be, and how hard your son and Daughter in law must have worked while the girls were poorly, blimey.
    Oh my Miss Vickie, you have a lot of stamps. I can't compete, but have some advice. Don't cull them. I did my collection some years back and regret it every time I stamp for fun......
    And here's some more....don't ever leave me alone in your house....

  23. Your grandchildren are gorgeous, you must be so excited to be visiting them. I had to look at the scoodie as I didn't know what it was and it is so cute. She'll love it. Have a great time visiting and I agree with Julia, don't cull you will regret it.
    Von #23

  24. What cutie pies! I love your crafting space... and you have a clip it up! I think they have stopped making them because I've been looking everywhere, even ebay and haven't found them. I think I might actually have to use some of those craft supplies I have collected and make one...Gasp, what a thought, use something I already have?! Hope you have a wonderful time visiting the grand kids!
    Look forward to seeing you often on WOYWW!
    Beth P

  25. Happy WOYWW! Thank you for dropping by, Vickie! Oh what lovely grandchildren you have. It's great that it's so much easier these days to keep in touch even when we are far away, isn't it? Your desk looks wonderfully creative and I like how you call it the "junque" wall.
    peggy aplSEEDS@9

  26. What a fun post to visit, It starts with a grandma, awe so sweet photo, then moves into the stacks and projects I love to see. Now I just want to open the little cases....maybe next week, you will share. I think I am the queen of empty cases in my space. But that's a tale for another day. You do look busy, keep smiling and creating.

  27. Aaaaw, lovely pic of the Grandees, you must be getting excited now the visit is nearly here. Love the pics of your craft space, so many lovley areas to work away in and so much stuff! LOL Those blocks look like they would make fabby square ATC type things... block type ones... not sure if they have a special name... Annette #11

  28. Lovely pics of the grandies, hope they are all fully recovered now.
    Lots of busy stuff on your desk(S) there, and I love the black and white card, beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting my desk, you clearly have lots of gallvanting ahead, enjoy yourself.
    Chris #25

  29. Hi Vickie,

    Your grands are so cute. Glad the girls were feeling well enough to hold their tiny little brother. I bet they both will be doting big sisters!

    I blew up the photos before reading your post and noticed all the Kelly Rae stuff. I like her too! As a matter of fact, I bought some things from her etsy shop before she even had a deal with Demcado. I don't read her blog as much as I used to, sorry to say.

    The pattern I emailed you takes a bit of time but it's a beautiful stitch. I've shown it close up on previous posts.

    Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly making my way around!!

    Hugs, Kay (12)

  30. very desky spot there Vickie thanks so much for popping over and glad you enjoyed the pineapple :D your grandies are cute :D and love the B and W card too happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #76


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