Saturday, March 16, 2013


I am finally starting to feel better but tend to tire really easily!  I taught a class at Scrap that on Thursday making recipe cards for our recipe book and it was all I could do to go to dinner afterwards!  My daughter and friend was actually concerned I was too tired to drive myself home.  I got home and immediately took a nap on the sofa!

The recipe cards turned out really well...unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of them...I will rectify that tomorrow! 

Tonight I went back to the store and had a fun time cropping with some friends.  I worked on the art journal pages for a class on the 28 March.

This class we will be learning some more about using a texture paste and stencil to get and interesting look, more on fussy cutting, collage and stamping.  I had fun making it and I hope my students will too...  None of us had any journaling...or much journaling before we started a couple months ago and we are all learning a lot. 

I am trying to teach basic techniques before going into some more difficult stuff and would appreciate any input regarding what you do and what would be fun to learn!  Any ideas?


  1. well good news that youre feeling better, but dont over do it or you'll be back at square one...being tired is a classic sign that you're not as better as you think......and do i sound like your mother yet?!!!
    Wish i could come to your journaling class...still not seeing what it could do for me.

    1. Yes Mummy!
      I am realizing it is giving me the same effects that yoga did/does...frees my mind and relaxes the soul. Had a critic come in the store and complained to the owner that it wasn't ""Real art journaling"" and she didn't understand why she would allow me to teach this in a scrapbook store. I just happened to be there when this happened so the owner called me to the front. Hmmm....says I! Sorry you don't like it and feel that way but art in my journal comes from the heart and soul and this is mine on parade for the world to see. I only put out examples,techniques, and supplies and what you do with them is your choice." She signed up for the class.

      When Mojo has gone bye bye I can slap ink and paint around and eventually it molds into something viable. Maybe that is what I see it doing for me, you or anyone.

  2. Great work... belated happy woyww! Thanks for visiting me, jenx

  3. What a great 2 page spread for your art journal!! Hope you're well rested by now! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  4. Your pages are adorable. i have supplies just sitting in my craft room waiting for me to try my hands at journaling. I wish I had a store closer to my home too.


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