Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun day!

I spent a wonderful Saturday interacting and having fun with my daughter and some friends painting in a class Heather taught at Scrap That! on Main Street in Norman, Oklahoma.  The class is loosely based on some of the other type of painting parties that are cropping up all over the place right now and Heather graciously agreed to teach us how to paint. 

 Here are examples of Heather paintings that she brought to teach the class:

don't you love the warm colors in this picture!

Heather did a blue one so we could see color variation!
Here is a couple classmates pictures:
Lana is redoing her kitchen in neon's and plans on hanging her picture there!
Terri was talking about giving this to a Granddaughter but then she might change her mind and keep it in a spare bedroom!
 My picture:
Don't you love the way it matches my hair!  I am purple crazy here lately!
I love purple and I love the way Heather showed me to shadow and high light to make my picture more 3 dimensional!

While teaching the class Heather made another painting to show us how to do it!  Isn't it pretty!

I like the way they all come out so different yet the same depending on the colors!
Next painting class we are going to do a landscape. 
 I really like the picture and it is a little dark in this photo but not so much in real life.  Heather said that she will show us how to 'lighten' it up if we want to paint it that way!

After the class Heather, Terri, and I went over to Heather's house to have a girls night.  We stopped and bought KFC for supper and watched the latest video release in the Twilight series "New Dawn part 2"  Love the Twilight series!


  1. Oh, that's right...the latest Twilight is out on DVD now. Must go get...don't you love these painting classes? I took several last year. There's just something soothing about it. :-)

  2. Looks like so much fun wish there was somethng like that in this your purple

  3. What fun purple hair you have Vickie, and an awesome painting to match! Love it, looks like everyone did a fabulous job! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  4. Is this the new style? Match your hair to the decor? Cos my decor needs to start going grey!
    Sorry, only kidding.
    Love the paintings. Your purple flower is lovely.

  5. How fun to match your hair to your did great, BTW! Wish I had the courage to dye my hair a fun color.

  6. Your painting is fab Vickie and so is your hair!!! I'm loving it huggles hun Sue J xxxx

  7. Wow, Vickie! Purple hair! You are sooo brave! LOVE it! patsy

  8. Hi Vickie, Thats a great canvas you have painted, and your cakes are just shouting EAT ME! thanks for sharing your work space as well as your desk, I could play in there all day. Hugs Mo x


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