Sunday, March 17, 2013

an inspiration

Have you ever had a thought or feeling that has hung on for such a long time that you can't remember exactly what caused this feeling or thought to reach a point in your life that it was consuming way too much time and you were giving it more weight then it should have?  Well I have and I think it has been affecting my interaction with everyone and everything in my life.  It was something I wanted to let go but...I just didn't know how.

All this week...well since last Thursday anyway I have been trying to do what I read and I am proud to say it seems to be working!   I read an article by Jennifer Hancock, a Humanist, an author, public speaker, and educator and decided to try and put the principle into my life.    

What was this wondrous thing?   I think you should go read it yourself!
Feeling Compassion for People you Hate by Jennifer Hancock

The Humanist Approach to Happiness by Jennifer Hancock

  What does Jennifer teach...well to copy some of her profile... Jennifer helps transform people lives through Humanism by teaching them to be the best most ethical people they can be. Her work focuses on 3 main areas. 1) how to make better decisions thru critical thinking 2) how to improve interpersonal relationships thru compassion 3) how to infuse your life with meaning and purpose thru applied ethics.


What did I learn...well I learned that even if I don't like someone or their practices I don't have to suffer and toil with their issues any longer.  They have the right to their opinion and I don't have to like it.   I am not going to change their stand but I can feel compassion for them.  I learned that I have the ability and even a responsibility to confront what is causing my problems and to try and make it better for myself and others.  I need to stop and look at the other side of the situation and even if I disagree they are human and I respect that.

It is a short article but WARNING I got caught up in reading through her blog and lost track of time...several hours passed and I think I came away a different person!

I think I will share this on Inspire Me Monday #63 – Week Of March 17, 2013

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  1. Hi Vicky
    I had alook at the article and although I dont understand the particulars of the people concerned (not known in the uk) she does speak a lot of sense and the world would indeed be a better place if only we humans could simply be 'nicer' to each other


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