Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOYWW #160

My DH and I are currently out traveling around the northern US storm chasing so my crafting is kind of limited because I didn't want to carry around a ton of equipment or to be stressed trying to find time to create something.  I am going to be posting every day a trip journal with pictures if you would like to follow along and see what I am up to.

WOYWW'ers I don't have a picture of my desk to share with you today but I do have a picture of a tag that I made for a swap on creative block-stampersanonymous.  I really enjoy the interaction with the people on this group and it is a lot of fun swapping different projects.  Want to know what WOYWW is and why I don't have a picture of my desk?  Visit Stamping Ground and check out what Ms. Julia is up to.  Its fun!  I promise!
Last month when we swapped the first 20 people to sign up and get into the swap had the opportunity to get a free stamp from Stampers Anonymous to use on this months swap.  The Dream A Little Dream stamp was a lot of fun to use.

here is an upclose of the face.  I used a jump ring for a monocle and filled it with Glossy Accents to give it a glass look.  No it isn't an original idea but fun anyway!   I also used the glossy accents on the dream a little dream sentiment at the bottom to define the words.

Well thats it for me and I hope to be able to get around to a few desks this week when we stop over in the hotels if I have internet access.  Have a great week.  


  1. Hi Vickie! have a great time travelling! I am amazed you were able to post at all! I like the monocle! Too cute! Patsy from

  2. Aw, hope you find a new tile man (or woman!) Can't fire ours, coz we did it! (Pretty rubbish, but we were cheap!!
    Have a great time away, just been spyingon your lovely pictures!! HaPpY WoYwW ((Lyn)) #32

  3. Awesome tags there! I love all the pictures of your travels having never been to the US myself. Everytime time I look at pics of those amazing mountains, the music of The Big Country comes into my head - that composer sure knew how to conjure up that big scenery in music!!
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  4. Happy Belated WOYWW. So jealous of you and your travels. I could do with some sunshine and getting away from all the work at home. We have our new caravan and going away next week for 5 nights - can't wait! Ali x #66 (I think! It was no.70, but curiously changed late yesterday.)

  5. what a fabulous tag,love the monocle idea,enjoy your storm chasing :)
    happy blogging
    kay #65

  6. Storm chasing sounds a little scary to me...but fascinating.
    I'll be sure to keep an eye on your travel log ;D
    You're tag looks amazing. I've never tried to make a tag...but maybe I should? Perhaps one day?
    Have a great safe time ~ enjoy!
    Neesie #39

  7. Hi Vickie. Hope you're having fun chasing storms. Tag looks great, especially with the eye-glass. Thanks for your shared words about keeping track of the stash.
    Ros #121

  8. Are you really chasing storms? That sounds like fun. I like extreme weather. The hubby would be cowering in a puddle of his own wee though, so no chasing for me. Great to see your prize stamp in action. I love the monocle and putting the glossy accents over the words. I need to think about pulling out my glossy stuff more often (like at all!).

  9. great reading your travel journal. hope you are enjoying the scenery. love the tag too
    caroline #137

  10. I read up one, and the pictures of MT are beautiful! Enjoy Glacier! It is cool that you are taking your crafty bits with you. I only took the laptop (because I was going by air and figured that they would confiscate half my craty things as not TSA approved). So digi scrapping it is (not as fun as paper, but it is something). Enjoy your trip and thanks for visiting! -Amanda x61

  11. My son would feel like he had died and gone to heaven if he could be with y'all right now! Being a boy and 13, he literally PRAYS for storms! lol
    Your tag is fabulous and thanks for sharing it with us, and the link too. I love visiting these desks all over the world and finding new sites/blogs that challenge and inspire so link sharing is *really* appreciated! :)
    And I got your ATC and card're such a sweetie to have sent the extra card! I'm adding pics and my brag to this weeks WOYWW post to make sure your creative wonderfulness gets shared with as many people as possible. :D
    Deeyll #153

  12. Hi there - fab tag. Your trip sounds awesome - the scenery is just wonderful. Not made it to America yet but it's on my to do list- would love to see scenery like that. Anne x

  13. Hi Vickie,

    This tag is great! I saw some bingo stuff yesterday and didn't get it. Now you have me thinking.....

    Stay safe,

  14. Hi there Vicki you are having fun on your trip up above aren't you!! smashing pickies and love the tag too happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x PS hope you are keeping well while travelling..!

  15. It looks like you are having a lovely vacation. I love visiting places like national parks. Happy crafting and happy WOYWW woefully late. ~ Laura #122


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