Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday June 27, 2012

After an great nights sleep Chuck was up early looking at meteorological data and decided that today and probably the next few days would be non weather days and we decided to head west to Glacier National Park and check it out.  The route couldn't be easier just get on Montana Route 2 and head west for 335 miles.    We bid our hosts adieu and headed west...

We stopped for lunch in Malta MT at the Westside Restaurant and Chuck had a great time flirting with our waitress and the food was home cooked and oh so good!  I highly recommend it if you like yummy food and reasonable prices.

The road across Montana goes from being rather barren and arid to fertile and green farming country.  Some of the fields are huge maybe hundreds of acres each planted in a patch work quilt effect.  Heres a few pictures.

Beautiful country to travel through.  Tonight we are staying at the Mountian Pine Motel in East Glacier Park MT  tomorrow we are going to go through as much of the park as we can and maybe even stay another night here at the motel.


  1. Ive always loved watching programmes about storm chasing, wouldnt do it myself mind, my husband always thinks its funny as I hate thunder and lightening!!

  2. what a beautiful landscape! I just love the countryside! Looking forward to seeing pics from the park!

  3. Wonderful shots following your journey

  4. Some more beautiful photos!

    You guys be careful when your chasing storms!!!!



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