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ThursdayJune 28, 2012

Chuck and I spent today wandering around the Glacier National Park in extreme NW Montana.  The parks is bordering with Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park and in 1932 the two governments got together and the two parks were designated Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park in 1932.  It is an awesome place and it would take days and maybe even weeks to be able to see it all and enjoy it fully.  We are planning on coming back sometime in the future and spending more time here seeing the sites.  The park is handicap and disabled friendly with paths and treks that can be accomplished by all.  

Here are a few pictures from our day!
Speaks for itself!

First Stop and an easy walk

The falls were beautiful and fell into a crystal clear pool that flowed into a river!
Some flowers I found near the falls. 

Back in the car we traveled over to St. Mary and followed the Going to the Sun Road around the park. The St. Mary Lake is almost 10 miles long and is one of the prettiest ones I have seen.  The water is almost turquoise in color due to all the glacier sediment in the water.  Did you know there are almost 25 active glaciers in the two parks?  I didn't
Chuck standing in front of the lake at a stop to take pictures.

Island in the lake.

Piegon Pass is another stop along the way.  The pass has many trail heads to the mountain and the Siyeh River adventures.  There were a lot of people stopped enjoying the falls, the snow and the fun. 

Lots of ice and snow.  People were having snowball fights over this flowing river.

 We traveled up and around to Logan's pass before making the decent into West Glacier Park where we had lunch then back to the hotel for the night.  Here are some pictures from the pass and enroute home.

Ice and snow walls down to the road

Chuck and I waiting for the pilot car to take us through the road construction

A water fall near where we were parked waiting.
The back up of cars on Logan's pass

More waterfalls.

One last picture...We came around a curve after getting out of the road work traffic jam and here was cars and trucks blocking the road, we were lucky we didn't hit them.  What was going on?  A bear was feeding out of the river and they had to stop and see it.

What can't see it...I barely could either but it was stopping was a grizzly bear....Awesome beast.

More tomorrow as we travel south to Idaho to visit with my husbands cousin Bob.  Now these next couple days should be fairly lively!  


  1. Hi vickie - your trip looks amazing! We nearly hit a line of stationery cars in Zion NP, where they had all stopped to look at a family of moose just off the road!

    Will have to add Montana to my must see list


    Debs xx

  2. Hi Vickie,

    What a great trip! I love seeing posts of where people go. It sounds like it was just perfect. To spot a bear in the wild is thrilling, isn't it.

    I received your card and ATCs - thank you so much! I love them.

    Yesterday I went on a shop-about and I think Mr. Mojo is lurking right around the corner!!! woo hoo.


  3. Hi Vickie, your pictures are beautiful and made me feel much cooler just looking at the snow and seeing the word glacier! The lakes are gorgeous, bet that water was cold! Use to traffic jams being bear jams up here, not uncommon at all, except our bears are black bears..not sure I'd be happy with grizzlies living close by! Oh, and I got your lovely ATC and cute card, you're so sweet!! waving hi from the hot hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Hi again Vickie and moer great photos. We were in Canada three years ago this Sept and tho we were always on the lookout never got to see a grizzly. Saw sveral brown bears but I longed to a grizzly.Your latest photos like many of our canadian ones. Safe travelling. Anne x

  5. What a beautiful place.The colour of the lake(green) is gorgeous.
    Judy #82

  6. I came to visit your desk Vicki but these fantastic photos stopped me in my tracks!
    Brilliant and yes I could see the grizzly! Amazing ;D
    What a sound like your having a fantastic trip!
    Enjoy ;D
    Neesie #39

  7. I absolutely love your pics! It is as I have imagined...beautiful! I do see the bear! How cool! Thank you so much for sharing. I feel like I'm riding along!

  8. What a great picture to get a bear feeding like that. No wonder everyone had stopped. Sandy :)


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