Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday June 26, 2012

On the road again after a great breakfast at Perkins.  I haven't eaten in a Perkin's in years so it was a real treat to have their french toast and bacon!  Chuck seems to be enjoying his pancakes with blueberry syrup too!

I know, I know not a very nice person to post a picture of someone enjoying his breakfast!
We have a slim to none chance of a storm today but we are looking forward to the drive as we head out to Glasgow Montana to visit with some friends and hoping we will see something good along the way.

Biddle Montana...this ones for you Matt!

Tornado look alike in GlenDive Montana.  Not much of a storm and it all went to rain really quick.

An old church or school 
We drove just over 570 miles to get to Glasgow, Montana and it was a long day.  We stayed with friends and enjoyed a end of season party for their son's baseball team.  I hadn't met Tanja or her family yet and it was a real joy visiting with her after the party was over!  Tanja and her husband Mike are both meteorologist and Tanja works for the National Weather Service and Mike works in IT.  They have two awesome boys 13, 16 and one of the most awesome fur babies going...Ella!

Tanja, Chuck and I

Ella the sweetest fur baby!  Ella is about a year old and loves to play ball and will play for hours long after you are all slobbered out!
Great day and fun times with friends!  I love storm chasing!

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  1. cool pic of the rain cloud. Love the old school/church. What an adventure you guys are on!


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